Acquire Leads & Easily Convert them to Clients

  • Capture leads’ information with your agency specific web form that can be shared in any online advertisement.
  • Understand what services your prospects expect beforehand to easily convert leads to clients.
  • Create and send various quotations to leads with products’ information, fees and discount immediately.
  • Import all partners, products and prospects information into your Agentcis Cloud in an instant using template.

Agency management Software - dashboard
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Record and manage your clients & partners

  • Single online platform to record, upload and manage all your clients’ & partners’ details
  • Quickly retrieve your clients’ documents anytime, anywhere
  • Easily access all details and documents of your partners and their courses.

Track your client’s progress in service workflow

  • Create various workflows depending on the services you represent.
  • Check and follow easily where your clients are on the service stages.
  • Workflows that can be customised as per your business needs
  • Benefit from various functions at each stage and export the entire process log as a file-note for your records
Client service workflow software
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Invoice Tracking software
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Create invoices and track them effortlessly

  • Agency specific invoice will make the commission claim process so simple and manageable for you and your Partners.
  • Create general invoices for other services, such as visa assistance and counseling.
  • Simply add and manage due dates for upcoming Invoices based on Intakes dates or service fee instalment. Invoice on time, get paid on time.

Measure your business performance within seconds

  • Smart dashboard widgets that gives you meaningful summary of your agency’s operation and performance.
  • Easy access to team performance that helps you decide on efficiency and progress on each team members.
  • Know how your branch offices are performing and achieving their targets.
  • Get instant overview of your clients’ top choices for partners & products.
Client performance software

Discover an easy, efficient and effective way to operate your agency.

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