Web Form Convert leads every time!

Capture leads’ information effortlessly with easily sharable web forms for any interested prospects, where every minute detail is auto-synced with the system. Any changes made to partners or products are thus updated automatically. A Prospect may fill in details for which country, university or programs they are interested, including their personal and contact information, and important documents.

Import CSV Enough with the manual labour!

Import all partners, products and prospects information in an instance into your Agentcis Database, hassle free. Using spreadsheet templates that have specific data format allows you to upload all information into Agentcis Application, once you have classified your agency database into any template format provided in the software.

QuotationsSend out quotations in a jiffy!

Build and forward quotations immediately to your prospects for prompt response. The quotation parameters are dynamic and are synced to your Agentcis Account, hence, you can easily select your workflow or partners in accordance to your prospects requirement. The system is fully automated to present quotations once all prospects’ information and interest have been logged.

Agentcis insightful reporting

Service Workflows Completely customizable business process!

Modify workflows in a way that works and fits best for your business operations. Every Agency is different and each has its own Business Process. That’s why Agentcis supports multiple workflows, so no worries if you are an Education Agent that also does Migration Counseling. The workflow allows you to set stages such as Application, Offer Letter, COE, Visa, etc., to suit your business process.

User Levels Team access based on their roles!

User Level based permissions allow Owner to set up groups like other Admins, Managers, Accountants, Administration and Counsellors with similar access rights and constraints. The administrator can then assign each user to one of these groups to regulate who has access and control over what type of data within the system. Put simply, you create your employee access to Agentcis according to their job role.

Task Sharing Collaborate, Communicate and Excel!

Tasks sharing is a unique feature that will allow you and your team to assign and share tasks among each other. Most importantly you can track how a task progresses through each stage and view comments made along the way. This means there is no loss of information. Agentcis being an online platform, your staff can complete tasks from home or office or anywhere else, a flexibility that is bound to boost your organization’s efficiency.

Service Progress Effortlessly track client’s progress!

Once you set your workflows, all you need to do is add a service to client and track their progress through various stages. At each stage, you can send email, add notes, set due dates, post comments, or upload related documents. Changes at every stage are properly logged & presented to keep user informed on what has happened so far. No matter how big your client database, the system will always provide accurate information on client’s status.

Invoicing and tracking

Never Lose a Single Dollar.
Invoice on Time. Get Paid on time.

Invoicing & Tracking System

Invoicing system has been built keeping your clients and partners in mind so that you can create and customize invoices that suits their needs. You can also set system triggers for each stage of the invoicing cycle so that you will never miss where and when to send invoices and receive payments from. To make things even simpler, it will clearly show the relationship between your clients and the partner institutions they are enrolled in.

Better Client Management Every minute detail in place!

The client management system gets activated the moment a visitor lands to your webpage or sends you an email enquiry. You can RATE the nature of visit or enquiry and prioritise the Follow Up process accordingly. Add notes at any point to save all crucial information. Set reminders and never miss an appointment or the opportunity to wish someone on their Birthday.

Centralizing Business Focus on
Customer Relationship

  • Appointment Set appointments with clients and partners, invite other users, and get notified when its due.
  • Notes AnywhereNotes are always useful. Simply add notes anywhere in the system.
  • Documents UploadUpload your documents in any format and retrieve them easily from Agentcis cloud from anywhere.
  • Secure Cloud DatabaseBecause protecting your data is central to everything we do, we have invested in the same secured cloud database used by NASA, Netflix, Airbnb, Unilever and many others.
  • Quickly send emails to your leads, clients and vendors from Agentcis system and also track your outbox.
  • Responsive LayoutOptimized for those multi-device experiences. Get your Agentcis working on mobile, tablet or desktop and stay connected with your business even when you are away from your desk.