Document Checklist

Do you want to make sure you are prepared for each stage of the application process? Know which documents are required for each stage of the application process.

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Application Checklist

Know which documents are required for different stages of an application

The application process is often tedious and requires multiple documents from your clients. Be prepared with Agentcis document checklist, where you can easily view all the documents needed during the different stages of an application.

Make documents mandatory before proceeding

Make certain documents mandatory in your workflow to ensure the education counsellor does not miss a single document before progressing the application.

Create Document Types

Create different document types to ensure education counsellors clearly understand which document to upload, such as passport, academic transcript or driving license.

Add Email Reminder

Receive an automated email reminder to notify education counsellors when certain documents need to be uploaded in Agentcis.

Allow Client To Upload Documents

Let clients upload documents from their device through the client portal, making it convenient to access in the Agentcis document system.

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