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All Our Paid Plans Include:


50GB of storage for your company.

Email Inbox

2,000 incoming emails shared among all users in your company.

Email Outbox

2,000 outcoming emails shared among all users in your company.

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Teams and Users
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What makes Agentcis different from other CRM systems?

With Agentcis

  • Dedicated to the specific needs of Education & Migration Agents
  • Exclusive Super-agent & Sub-agent Management
  • Report Analysis judging business performance
  • Live support team
  • Extensive partner and product database
  • Customizable workflows to suit you business process

With Other CRM

  • General CRM lacking features for Education & Migration Agents
  • Limited agent management system
  • Restricted integration and flexibility
  • Limited financial control catering to Education & Migration Agents
  • Partner & product database not available
  • Unmanageble custom lead forms

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