Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Track your client journey from lead to prospect to client, and store all their information in a single platform to make contact management simple.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

From Lead to Prospect, from Prospect to Client

Agentcis is dedicated to ensuring you have all your client’s information in one place, where you can easily follow your client’s activities.

Days in Queue Track

The longer your leads wait, the higher the risk of losing them. We have implemented a days in queue tracker, so you can prioritize leads that have been waiting in the queue longer.

Track Visa Expiry

Input Visa Expiry and relax - our system notifies you before the client visa expires. You can follow up with your client and advise another service to the client.

Easy Acquisition

Grab your leads into your system through lead forms easily with defined sources, or import them in bulk from other platforms with excel.

Contact Assignee

Assigning a team member to every prospect is compulsory in our system, to ensure no one is left out.

All Applications in one place

Effortlessly manage the multiple application of your client from their profile with all of their information stored.

Activity Log

Client journey related actions is shown in activity log for you to quickly grasp the what is happening in the profile.

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