4 Marketing Automation For Your Education and Migration Agency

Marketing is the only way to deliver the value of your products to your target customers. Your customer will only purchase your product or service if it adds value to their life. For this reason, only those companies that are able to deliver the highest value to their target customers succeed. There are various means of delivering value, and sometimes it can get very complex to do so. The stakes are getting higher and higher, and large corporations are pouring millions of dollars into marketing. In order to survive this competition, you must integrate digital automation into marketing.

Introduction to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a cutting-edge method created to help marketers acquire prospects and nurture them through the marketing funnel. It has completely changed how brands function. Marketing automation is the process of automating the repetitive marketing activities of a business. It either requires a manual process or SaaS software. Mordor Intelligence explains that the value of the marketing automation industry will reach $19.66 billion by 2026. It also explains that the Asia-Pacific region has the fastest-growing market for marketing automation.

Marketing Automation for Education and Migration Agents

Although the education and migration agency industry has been growing rapidly, competition exists everywhere. Due to this reason every education and migration agent must be the most efficient in order to survive. 76% of companies are using automation to market their business.

There are numerous advantages to agency business. Ranging from increased efficiency in processes, optimized productivity, and improved campaign management to increased marketing return on investment (ROI), automation can help your business grow.

Automations that Education and Migration Agents Must Try!

1. Automatic Lead Capturing:

Leads are by far the biggest resources for any business. It is because they have to be ultimately converted into clients who make purchases. Due to this reason, they have to be nurtured carefully. To nurture a lead you must create a marketing process to convert a lead into buyers. Here, the most critical thing to understand is that every lead won’t make a purchase. Your business will face a difficult time if you don’t have any idea of any strategy to maximize conversion.

Your first goal must be to receive the maximum amount of leads in your business. In order to capture this you create a shareable lead form. The reason it should be sharable is that you need to have it everywhere where your target market meets your company. After having the desired amount of leads you must have automation to convert them.

2. Automatic Emails and Messages:

After you capture leads you must have a plan to stay in touch with the leads. The reason you need to do this is because a lot of times prospects needs to be pushed inorder to sell. For your convenience, we have created a list of emails and messages you need to automate:

a. Welcome/Introduction Email: This is the first email that you well send to your leads. Make sure that you will be able to get the attention of your leads.

b. Follow up messages: Leads might forget about you so, make sure you send timely message to remind about your brand to them. (Bonus tip: Include interesting topics like, special offers, important update, personalized messages and discounts)

c. Occasional SMS: You have to automate SMS too. It is beacuse SMS has higher open rate than emails. Occasional SMS birthday wishes, important dates, admission opening and closing announcements and may more. Click here to view what other things you can Automate.

Marketing Automation

3. Automate Contact Management:

If you want to attain efficiency you must automate your contacts. You can automate setting tags to your leads so that you can create different segment of contacts. Having an automatic system will save your time and effort. Besides automating the tags you can also manage contacts by status. Most companies set different status to different level of leads. Some leads are very likely to make a purchase and some are not. At Agentcis you can assign different status to your clients.

You can assign status of “Lost”, “Cold”, Warm” & “Hot” as per the analysis of the counselor. Learn more about Agentcis here.

4. Parsonlized Content

Segmenting your leads into different categories is one of the best ways to provide tailored content to them. Increasing the depth of your segmentation will allow you to identify more opportunities to present customized content. When combined with marketing automation, allows you to display relevant content in your emails and websites that best matches the prospects’ attributes.

Providing relevant content means providing a quality experience. The things you can automate to provide personalized content are listed as below:

a. Develop a different landing pages for different segments of customer (You can have different landing page for different offers, events and promotional

b. Provide a personalized messages as per the clients need (note: not all clients need the same piece of information use segmentation and send different messages to different segments)

c. Schedule social media posts as per your target market (Use Meta Business Suite to schedule your content in Instagram and Facebook)

So at the end if you want to grow your business and take it in the next step then Automate your marketing processes. If you want more helpful contents for your education and migration business then visit our blog page and subscribe to our channel.

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