How Agentcis Assists You in Client Application Management

An application is generally an active workflow that lets the users know everything related to the client. A client application includes essential things like the stage he/she is in, related documents, financial overview, the product and partner involved, upcoming tasks, referrers and so on. Moreover, agents can use this feature to stay updated about their work and serve their clients effectively and efficiently.

So, how does having client application management help the agents?

1. Maintain all data in one place

Application feature allows you to attach all the documents related to the client in the same place. By doing so, you’ll be able to view any of them when required without having to look them up somewhere else. This makes your work so much easier and organized in one place.

2. Share information quickly

The same system can be used by your agency team members with different login credentials. This means that they can access clients’ application without having to request anyone to share them. So, if anyone else is assigned the same client, then work sharing becomes easy. Moreover, it is a cloud-based system so you can access it from anywhere and anytime. All you’ll need is a suitable device and an internet connection.

3. Stay updated with clients’ stages

The application gives you a clear view of where you are in the workflow stage of a specific client. Along with that, you’re also aware of the tasks and follow-up you need to do to move to next stage. So, you’re always updated about client information and related tasks.

4. Create appointments, tasks, quotations, invoices and send emails

Yes, all that from one single system. Instead of hopping around different programs, you can do all that from one tab. Furthermore, you can customize your invoices, quotations, and emails depending on the situation. So, it’s a one-tap go with a client application.

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5. Collaborate with multiple assignees

Since the system can be used by a number users, you can even assign various agents to a client. They can work together from the same or different offices to provide excellent service.

6. Get financial overview

Like mentioned earlier, you can check all the related documents of the client in a client application. This also includes financial information where you can find out if anything is due or not. With this information, you can quickly create an invoice and email it to the client or partners.

7. Maintain good relationship with referrers and sub-agents

An agency business has a lot of referrers and sub-agents who help them acquire clients. So, it is vital that they maintain a good relationship with them. Keeping this in mind, Agentcis allows you to add as many referrers as you want to a single client’s application. Similarly, you can create invoices to send their way too.

8. Track the application’s start and end date

The agents can have these dates marked in the client application. This helps mainly in retention and follow-up strategy. In the case of an education agent, they can set the end date of the student’s course. They can later use this to market other services once their course is completed.

9. Print and preview documents

This is mainly for those agencies that require printed documents to be submitted to legal entities. Instead of downloading everything and getting them printed in a specific format, you can directly get them printed from the system itself.

10. Trace all your conversations

Since the system lets you send and receive emails, you can even view a thread of all that’s been communicated between you and a client. If you need to go back to check anything vital that they had sent, for example, their preferred dates for meetings, then it’s right there in the system. So, you can find that out quickly with few scrolls and set a meeting in the system itself. Easy as it sounds.

With a pool of clients and their potential lifetime value, education and migration agents are eager to provide excellent service to clients. There’s a lot of competition out there for these agencies since this sector is growing more than ever. The primary reason for this is the rise in global mobility among others. Keeping this in mind, Agentcis has been crafted to help those agencies willing to grow by harnessing their efficiency and staying ahead of their competition.

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