International Study Consultants: Solve Difficulties Of International Studies

Students plan for abroad study and are in a dilemma to start the procedures. That’s where international study consultants play a major role in helping students get familiar with the hectic process. In fact, international students seek a support system in a foreign land, and the international study consultants act like one.

Living in a foreign land, away from home scares many. It is both thrilling and challenging to imagine oneself in a new place with completely different people. More so, one faces difficulties and discomfort while accomplishing their goals.

Students flying to another country for international studies without much research and knowledge have the hardest time. They are unknown about the procedures, living expenses or working criteria. The students face similar challenges while staying abroad and are easily segregated

There’s no question, you as international study consultants might have figured out the common problems students face in a foreign land. But, have you really helped them cope up? Well, that’s exactly why we have compiled a few of the most prominent issues faced by international students. Plus, we came up with suggestions on how international study consultants can actually solve them.

Let’s go!


Surely, people all over the world do not speak the same language or more, with the same accent. Forget language, the same signs give different meanings. This definitely frustrates students, doesn’t it? The language and culture completely affect their communication. They might feel a gap even when they know the foreign language. Their language proficiency and culture determines their confidence to talk to other people. This brings them to another challenge that is making new friends. They can’t communicate with the people around them when there is a language and culture gap. The language can create a barrier between them and their studies as well. Furthermore, adjusting to their language, culture and food may give them a miserable time.

In order to avoid that, you can always provide them with information materials related to the culture and language of the country they are moving to. If the spoken language is not English then you should recommend them to take at least basic language classes. Apart from that, connecting them to students who have moved to that country for abroad studies could be really helpful. Also, don’t forget to tell them about any cultural shocks that they might face and they’ll be good to go.


The students spend more time researching procedures and the following universities. However, the success rate for their application after their research is low. Finding the best college, going through the application, payments, visa, etc are the issues for them. Even when you figure out these, certain styles differ according to the university such as S.O.P., approaching way. They are also unaware of the legal system of the country.

What can international study consultants do?

You have a close relationship with the universities. The well-established connection of international study consultants gets the students into the best universities. The guidance you give them in every step is valuable to the students as you are aware of their preference. Inform them about the criteria, format and application standards. Similarly, inform the students about the legal system that they must know. International students might be confused and even miss a lot of deadlines. As you use the best education agents CRM Platform to suggest online tools or apps that help them track their deadline, your service gets valued.

Teaching style

The teaching styles, assignments and marking methods are new to the students. They might get confused over the learning methodology practiced in the foreign environment. Sometimes abroad studies require specific certificates and training without which international students are not eligible to attend the classes.

An experienced counselor of your international study consultants is there to support and counsel the students. Their knowledge in this field does make the university days easier. You are constantly in touch with the university representative and are always updated. Therefore, notify your international students of every update and the learning methodologies. Provide them the options and resources for the required training and diploma.

Financial difficulties and accommodation

Managing finance for students can be really hard, especially when they’re living away from home. Everything has to be taken care of with a limited budget. Often international students opt for expensive renowned colleges and some are unknown about scholarships. This isn’t the only hurdle they go through as some struggle to get accommodation too.

In this situation, international study consultants play a big role. You can analyze their budget and then find the best-fit university for them. As for scholarships, I’m sure there are plenty that most international students are unaware of. Thus, you can help them find scholarships and assist them in its application process. Moreover, refer the students’ places and accommodation through your connections and experience. Some are also unaware of working hours and laws for students. However, your knowledge on this matter helps international students. Counsel them and prepare them for international studies.

The international study consultants provide students the solution to their issues regarding abroad studies in many ways including educational agent management software. Offer them the proper guidance as well as give them a better career path. Therefore, never hesitate to go out of your way and create the benchmark.

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