Easy Task Allocation and Tracking For Education and Migration Agent

How wonderful would it be to have someone to arrange your tasks every day? Right from most important to least and goes anywhere you go? Sounds really great, right? Well, we can’t suggest you the right person to assist you but we sure have the right software designed specifically to assist busy education and migration agent like yourself. It’s Agentcis.

A lot of times, agents forget their tasks until the date they are due. Sure, they jot it down somewhere or have a diary to keep themselves informed but often times it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes they forget to carry the diary with them or lose it somehow. It’s the same case for any other resources they use to keep track of daily tasks like mobile phone apps.

That’s where Agentcis shines. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of education and migration agents, it assists them in the following things:

1. Easy task allocation

Instead of ringing someone up, you can directly assign them to the system Similarly, they will be notified about it by the system itself and can start doing it. The description will be there to let them know what they have to do. This will make it easier in task allocation since no one has to meet in person or email about the tasks.

2. Stay updated with your team

You will be able to keep track of your tasks as well as that of your team members. Few taps and you’ll know what stages other agents are in. Furthermore, you can help out those taking longer to move from one stage to another.

3. Follow up on clients

Nothing is more depressing than losing a client that was almost yours. It’s not usually the case but sometimes, clients stop using your service after reaching some stages. The main reason for this is the carelessness of the agent. So, Agentcis is here to help those that find it difficult to keep up with their client’s application progress. It does this by being there with them every step of the way as a reliable assistant.

4. Keeps you organized

Agentcis has a task field where you can add tasks and have a list of tasks assigned to you. With this, you will be clear about what tasks need to be done or what you need to do when you come to the office. Remember the time you had to scratch your head to remember all the tasks that are due? Well, Agentcis takes care of that and shows you every task on the dashboard itself.  Also, since the system can be accessed from anywhere with the internet and a suitable device, you can complete your tasks on the go.

5. Lead the team from anywhere

Agentcis can be accessed from anywhere with the internet, a suitable device, and login details. This means you do not have to be in the office to complete your tasks. Moreover, you can set up one from anywhere you are and also assign and check the task progress of your education and migration agent. So, you can effectively stay updated and track the progress of everyone in your agency.

Needless to say, Agentcis is your personal assistant that helps you every step of the way. It keeps you ahead of your deadlines and tracks your team’s progress. Likewise, you can lead from anywhere and complete your task on the go.

It’s the best software out there for education and migration agent. Plus, you can get 14 day free trial to see for yourself. It’s never too late to sign up for one so start right away.

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