Find Out Applicant’s Language For Visa Services Agency

Visa Services Agency should understand the language that their clients speak to them.

All visa applicants have a fair shot at applying for a student or immigration visa. It is an open process. But the problem with that is visa services agency has to deal with all sorts of clients out to try their luck.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many prospects and clients who visit visa services agency aren’t well-informed, sincere or even serious about their application. They do not have a rigid student info system. Thus a software can be used, to better serve the clients. 

Governments and universities clearly outline visa requirements that help people evaluate their eligibility themselves before starting their visa application.

Despite that, many people apply just to see if they can get lucky in life.

In this Blog, we have tried to classify different types of applicants that visit visa services agency into four groups. Please feel free to share any other types you know in our comments section at the bottom of this Blog.

“I just want to take a shot at it”

Clients who say that are basically window shopping for a visa at different visa services agency. Most of them wouldn’t go beyond making visa inquiries. Others might go a bit further in their half-hearted bid. But their interest in the immigration visa application process is likely to fizzle out pretty soon. Such clients don’t have the patience to stick around even until the standard processing time for an immigration visa application because they weren’t fully into it, to begin with.

“Is there a sure shot way to get it?”

Of course not. But some applicants will insist to pay fees only after their visa application approval. They either don’t realize or simply refuse to accept the unreasonableness of their demand. Just ask them politely if they make similar demands of doctors (Will pay you only after I am fully cured?) or a gym instructor (Will pay only after I get the desired physique?)   Visa Application Process

“A shot in the dark”

By far, such clients are most difficult to deal with.They are fully aware that their chance of getting a visa is nil. So they’d be open to taking all sorts of chances, even illegal ones.

They’d be willing to sidestep rules, forge documents and even tell a lie when some of their documents are called into question. Visa services agency should be wary of such clients. They can wreck your agency’s reputation. Agents should themselves be capable of identifying such visa applicants and telling them, politely, why foreign universities and immigration department are likely to reject their visa application.

“Who calls the shot?”

Sometimes you get visa applicants who would say: “Don’t you know someone who could speed up the process?” “Can’t you use your connections?” Visa processing is a complicated process because it involves the opinion and approval of a number of people. Each of them has their own way to do and interpret things. That is why applicants with a similar case may end up receiving different kinds of responses depending on who is handling their case. A visa case officer may not find some document authentic and may ask the applicant to provide additional documents. It may take much longer than the standard time to process some applications. Visa Services Agency should simply take old examples of visa applicants. Then, explain to them why it’s hard to predict the outcome of any visa application. Furthermore, using a software can greatly impact your data processes.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S.Eliot, Goodreads

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