6 Ways to Manage your Counsellors through Agentcis

Being a business owner, it can be challenging to manage your staff without a platform to measure your team’s performance. The success of your education and migration agency relies on collaboration and quantification of KPIs. How do you efficiently measure the performance of your agency? Through Agentcis! Using Agentcis software, you can effectively manage your Counsellors through our features to ensure your agency is running smoothly. 

Task Allocation

Boost your team productivity by using Agentcis’ task management. Our task allocation allows your Counsellors to keep track of individual and team tasks, saving them time. In particular, Agentcis helps Counsellors avoid losing work and important information while managing their tasks to ensure your Counsellors stay on schedule and meet deadlines. 

Above all, tracking tasks will support your team’s ability to prioritise their work efficiently. Consequently, using Agentcis’ task categories and priority system, your Counsellors can view which tasks are important or require more attention to help manage their time. 

Role Management

Agentcis’ custom roles were made to suit your agency. You can manage control with predefined roles to match your team member’s responsibilities and duties. 

Overall, this is crucial for education and migration agencies to control levels of access to your client database to prevent the sharing of confidential information. Giving access to Counsellors as much is needed so that it’s easy for them to work and aren’t overwhelmed with the extensive information.

Extensive Report Analysis

Our extensive report analysis can help you locate problems and make informed business decisions based on your counsellors’ progress. Correspondingly, reports are available for multiple critical features of Agentcis, allowing you to judge performance as an agency.

For example, you can manage your Counsellors by viewing the Application reports, showing the detailed information of In Progress, Discontinued and Completed Applications, filtering by the assignee. You can monitor and judge your Counsellor’s performance and subsequently take appropriate action. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are essential to understand your business’s performance and health so that you can make critical adjustments in your execution to achieve your strategic goals. With Agentcis, you can set targets and a measuring parameter within a specified time period. Here, you can increase your team’s efficiency by establishing a KPI target for your Counsellors to judge their performance. Additionally, Agentcis offers a graphical overview to view and determine the progress of the KPI target. 

Agentcis Counsellor Certification 

Lastly, the Agentcis Academy has a tailored teaching certification for Counsellors to develop their understanding of our software. This helps you manage your Counsellors by helping support their technical skills to achieve their KPIs. Our Counsellor Certification contains full training videos that are available to watch, anytime and anywhere. Developing your Counsellor’s skills helps you manage their performance as it increases their work efficiency with proper system knowledge.

Client Application Management: 

In some cases, you might have to process your workflow from a different part of the world by a different person and you might not want them to have complete access to your client’s application. 

Through Agentcis, you can assign multiple assignees for a particular Application in a few simple steps. This feature is developed for the ease of working on the same application from different offices or for agencies with many branches.

With the new followers feature in Agentcis, multiple team members can work on the same client for different purposes. You can add followers to your prospects and clients, which engages your team in achieving a common goal and collaborating with each other.


Therefore, using these features of Agentcis, managing your Counsellors is made simple. After all, in this highly competitive market, you need to ensure that your Counsellors are performing at the best. Sign up and try Agentcis for free for 14 days to create measurable outcomes for your business. 

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