6 Questions to Ask your Client While Advising Courses


If you’re looking for relevant questions to ask your clients before course advising, we’ve got you covered.

A good relationship between an educational advisor and a client or student is crucial. Also, it’s a big responsibility for an advisor to maintain good terms with the clients. The way you approach the clients can have a great impact on delivering smooth and fruitful career advice. 

What are your client’s expectations?

The foundation of overseas planning starts with gathering client information to analyze a client’s situation and provide recommendations to help them accomplish their goals. Unless an educational consultant advisor fully understands a client’s expectations, they can’t create an effective educational plan. So, if you are in the migration business, consider these questions to ask your clients before advising career courses.

Questions to ask your clients while course advising

1. What are your expectations from the counselling session?

Forming a mutual understanding of what the client wants and expects from your service is the first step to forming a relationship with your client. Without it, they cannot present accurate course advice. For instance, your consulting will vary if a client wants to study further vs. a client wanting permanent residency. 

 2. What are your educational background and your key skills? 

The previous educational background is a must to see their eligibility for any course enrolment. Likewise, understanding the key skills of the client gives you an idea of their potential possibilities in terms of migration. Ask the client for their resume, so you can explore their education qualification, skills, and experience easily. 

3. What are your career goals? 

In many instances, an education advisor also acts as a career advisor since the individual career is strongly dependent on their degree. Your recommendations of courses must match your client’s career objective. If they are unsure of what to study, explore their strengths and weaknesses and subsequently advise based on the details given. If your study advice doesn’t match with the client’s interests, it is most likely that they will receive either poor academic results or discontinue their studies in the future.

4. What’s their budget? 

Education overseas is a huge investment. Before raising the bars of expectations to your client, know their budget. You need to understand who will be financing their education. Will they pay their fees themselves or will their someone be supporting them?  

It is also important to know if the student intends to work while studying. This will help you determine and advise countries that enable them to work on their visa and find a suitable educational course for them.  

5 . What’s their timeline?

This is an important question that relates back to the client’s expectations. You must understand when your client is willing to start their studies. Then, you can advise them of key enrolment dates, the start and expiry date of their intended visa. 

6. What’s your preferred location?

This is the last but certainly, not least question to ask your client. Everything is dependent on where they will be studying. Hence, it is very important to advise all information about their preferred locations to make the right decision. 

You can give detailed information on the locality and the cost of their desired locations, such as accommodations cost, institutions availability, living costs, work opportunities, lifestyle, diversity and weather. 


The more you know about your client beforehand, the better advice you can suggest to them. So, make sure to approach them well with the right questions.

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