7 Most Asked Question If you are an Education Agent

If you are an Education or Migration Agent you must know how many questions you have to answer every day. It is very natural for your clients to frequently question you. It is because most of the time they will be going to take one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Being a consultant it is your duty to answer them. For this reason, you need to be prepared beforehand. And Agentcis is here to help you in this regard. Here we have listed the top 10 most asked questions if you are an education or migration agent.

1. Questions Regarding the College/Institution

Students are most keen to know about the college or institution available for them.  This is a most asked question if you are an education agent and it is because of the selection such an institution can become an important event in their lives. Besides the college and institution the course, location, and country also fall under a major concern of students around the world.  As an agent, you must be able to screen through various institutions and provide them with the best suggestion.

You can also send them a list of comparable institutions so that they will have a variety of options to choose from. Agentcis can help you do the exact same thing in an easy manner. Through Agentcis, any agent can browse through numerous universities and send selected institutions to your clients. Your clients then compare and select the institution best for them.

University Application

2. Questions regarding the  job prospects

International higher education is a hefty investment for most students. Due to this reason, they wank to know more about the return on their investment. This is mostly calculated by employability, future job, and income prospects. For this reason, every agent must have detailed knowledge about this matter too. There are various ways that you can keep track of your job and future prospects. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Research about the partner universities and the course in detail
  • Go through their websites and see if they provide any job assistance facilities after or during the course of study and keep notes regarding them so you can communicate them to your clients
  • Participate in conferences organized by universities and colleges so that you can have a clear idea about the institutions that your agency is partnering with
  • If you want instant informant we recommend emailing the representative of the university about the job prospects

Most Asked Question If you are an Education Agen

3. Questions regarding the application process

Application process is the only way that students can get admitted into the college. So most of them really want to know about the application process. Obviously, as an education agent, your main job is to assist them with the application process. But there are a lot of things that the clients have to know about the application process. Describing the client about the application process in detail shows that you really really care about your client’s future. Doing this will also maintain good credibility of your company. Questions regarding the eligibility criteria and test scores are also very frequently asked. So communicate about them too.

University Application, Most asked question if you are an education agent

Here are some of the important aspects of student application that we believe you must be prepared with:

  • List of documents required for application
  • Methods of writing a good Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation
  • Timings of the application and application deadline
  • University Intake dates


4. Testimonials and References

In order to build better trust in the institution, most aspiring students look for alumni or seniors near them. So it will be better if you can connect such people to your clients. We know that you deal with numerous students every day and it’s hard to keep track of all your client’s records. But if you are able to provide a good reference to the client it will add value to your service.

You can try Agentcis, a CRM built for education agents like you so that you can keep a record of all your clients.  Through Agentcis you can reach any of your previous clients and ask them to give a short oral presentation or testimonial. LinkedIn is another way to create professional connections. You can connect with your previous clients on LinkedIn and have a talk with them. Besides this LinkedIn offers the creation of groups, events, and presentations. You can utilize these tools to create a valuable experience for your new clients.

Most Asked Question If you are an Education Agen

5. Accommodation and Living

As international students will be traveling far from their homes for higher studies, accommodation can become their major concern. So you have to have a clear idea of how can the students manage their living in a foreign country. Most universities offer dormitory services so and this can become their first option. Not just because they offer a separate commission on it, dorms are specially designed to cater to students and are near the university campuses.  If students are looking for other options, please offer them at least other two. Most students sometimes live in shared apartments, so this could become an option too.


6. Managing the Finance

We have already mentioned above that studying abroad is a huge investment. So for many clients, this might be a major point of interest when it comes to applying abroad.  It is indeed very true the cost of foreign education is not just limited to tuition fees. Other major costs include visa processing fees, accommodation, insurance, security deposits, and many more. So if you are a counselor you must have a sound knowledge about these matters.  Keep in mind that the financial cost of education might become a major decision-making factor for many students. For this reason it is one of the most asked question if you are an education agent.

Make sure that you know about the financing options. You must communicate with them regarding available scholarships and grants too. You can softly ask your clients about the budget and provide options accordingly. If you use Agentcis you can directly send your clients a comparable quotation list so that they can choose the most affordable option for them.

7. Other relevant Most asked Questions

Students might have more questions when meeting with counselors. Here are some other most asked most asked question if you are an education agent that the students might ask. We halve also listed some soulutions that you can offer them:

  • Regarding the rejection of application: This is an unfortunate event but sometimes it might occur. If such question arrises then carefully talk to your client about your company policy. Most Consultancies do have a set policy about visa rejection. Well there aren’t much thingg you can offer in this case. You can refund them some refundable fees that you had taken or offer them other college or course to apply.
  • Regarding work permit and visa expiration: This is a very technical subject and is mostly determined by the government bodies. In many nations students receive a status of temporaty residency after the completion of their degree. So for this question you must have a knowledge of the immigration policies of your partner nation. To get such knowledge you can visit the official website of immigration offices. Please make sure that the information that you are receiving are true and updated.


All of the above listed question are very general and fall under frequently asked question list of most education and migration agency. But sometimes students can be very specific about what they want to know. The general idea is just be prepared before hand. You can take notes so that you can take references while talking about to cyour clients. So these are the most asked question if you are an education agent.


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