7 Things You Must Do Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

Running a social media campaign is a great way to engage traffic to your company website. From increasing website visitors to capturing leads, social media campaigns can help you create a strong presence in the market.

There are many success stories for businesses that become successful because of their strong social media campaigns. But success always comes with the right amount of effort. For this reason, we suggest companies execute their campaigns properly. Creating a great social media campaign can be daunting. So we have come upon some things you must do before starting a social media campaign.

Choose your Goals

Setting a well-defined target market and goals are the most important part of the social media campaign. Setting a goal means having a base for your entire campaign. For instance, your goal could be to increase the traffic to your website. In order to reach this goal, your campaign should redirect all the traffic toward your company website. And as per this, you can create an ad on your preferred social media channel to redirect traffic.

Your goal could be anything like reaching more people who have an interest in your product, more followers, more sales, and other things you like. Do some research while setting your goals. It is because it will help you know what your company needs and how can it be fulfilled.

Social Media Campaign

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Find your Target Audience

Most successful social media campaigns have a specific target audience so we suggest you set your target audience before executing any plans. The more specific you can be the better results you get. If you are an education agent looking to generate more leads, your target audience may be students who are between 18 to 39. Besides their age, you can set their location to the city you prefer, income status, behavior, interest, and other important details.

After you note it down always use them before publishing any campaign. Meta (Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp)will help you create a different audience set for each campaign in their ads. Even Google also provides its ad account holders to select their target audience. If you don’t have the correct target audience then your ROI might be very low with a high cost per engagement.


Choose your Social Media Channel

It’s not necessary for you to create campaigns on every social media presence out there. You are likely to get better results only when you focus on a few social media channels. After you set your target audience you will know what social media will they be using the most. For education and migration agents, their target customers might be active on social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Messenger.

LinkedIn is now growing as a great platform to market your brand as well. But LinkedIn might not be for everyone. It is because LinkedIn is mostly effective for B2B companies as experienced professionals are mostly present there. Also, please understand the content that you will be posting on social media might not work all at once. Twitter doesn’t support longer text, multiple images, or video files. Instagram mostly focuses on the picture you post so you have to prepare accordingly.

Social Media Campaign

Understand the Call to Action

As you set your audience, and channel you must divert traffic toward a specific goal. The “Call to Action” will come into play after this. “Call to Action” is a piece of information telling the target audience to perform your desired task.

If you want your target audience to send more messages you can set a visible “Send Message” button in the campaign. If your audience happens to click it, then they will be redirected to the message center. You can set your call to action in different social media, so we suggest you make good use of it.

Put Key Success Indicators for your Campaigns

The only way to measure the success of your campaign is by analyzing the performance indicators. To set success indicators ask yourself some questions like the ones mentioned below:

a. How many audiences do I want to reach?

b. What are the Changes I want to see in my company after this campaign?

c. How much money will I be spending on this campaign?

Answering these questions will automatically give your indicators. So always identify the key metrics to look into like conversion rates, brand mentions, website traffic, bounce rates, and others before starting a social media campaign.

Assign Task

Though for small businesses this is not a very economic idea it can be worth the investment. We as a company know how hard it is to manage everything at once. So we suggest having an individual or a team take over your social media tasks. They can look after your goals, reports, issues, and the content that will be going around your social media. Since you will have your key indicators you can assign an individual for each of those indicators.

Agentcis CRM does come with a task management feature. Users of Agentcis can assign tasks to their employees digitally through its task management feature. As of now, we don’t directly offer social media-related tasks, but we can help our users to assign tasks to their employees. Read more about this feature here.

Continue with other Campaigns Later on.

After you understand the results of your campaigns, you need to utilize that knowledge to keep your audience engaged. Doing this will help your audience remember your company forever and will set a positive impression. You can create better campaigns by posting an array of content like blogs, emails, ads, youtube videos, and so on.

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