Achieve Quicker Communication With Agentcis’s SMS Feature

SMS marketing is always an effective strategy to reach out to your targeted audience and improve customer relations and sales. SMS has now been around for decades but even in 2022 when the world is connected via the internet, consumers open their text messages much more frequently than any other medium.

For an education and migration consultancy, instant communication and timely information is the key to better client relationship, partner relationship, and business progress. You probably can wonder, with digital channels and social media, you can have the most effective marketing strategy in the world. However, the algorithms only display your ad or content to a specific number of your followers. And with email, you can put all your effort into creating the best one but can end up in a spam folder. That is the reason why contrary to what is believed, SMS are easy to send and are almost always read by your audience which drives desired behavior or action.

So, Agentcis CRM system comes with the feature of SMS messaging. With Agentcis’ SMS feature, you can establish and manage communication with clients, partners, and agents within your system. Hence, here we present how you can achieve quicker communication using the SMS feature through Agentcis CRM.

Achieve Quicker Communication With Agentcis’ SMS Feature

1. Immediate delivery 

Being an education agency, you have a list of contacts that include your prospects as well as clients. Agentcis’ CRM system lets you to send messages directly to your prospects or clients through the system itself. With your database of phone numbers, you can start sending text messages mentioning your intended communication. The channel is faster, that’s why your clients will receive it immediately.

2. Less is more

Unlike other marketing platforms like print ads, social media, Google, and such, you don’t have to spend much time and effort on planning, conceptualizing, and creating the ad. You just have to create short written content that carries your intended message and desired call-to-action and send it. In a few words, you can convey your message to your audience with so much less effort.

3. Send in bulk

Reach more in an instant. If you need to send the same SMS to your multiple contacts, all you need to do is, go to your Agentcis CRM system and send bulk SMS through the system. Not only in the case of personalized messaging, but whenever you have some offers, announcements, or promotions going on, you can always send SMS in bulk so that you can reach out to all your desired audience.

4. Save time via SMS templates

Preset SMS templates can be your go-to hack whenever you are piled up with your tasks. With Agentcis’ CRM, you can create preset SMS templates or placeholders for personalized messages. These quick SMS drafts can save you time drastically. Besides, it reduces the risks of human errors. And hence, it increases the productivity of your team who are responsible for such tasks. 

5. Higher open-rate

If you want to achieve quicker communication, you also need to understand that dispatching information is not enough. It is significantly important to ensure that the message is received and understood. The open rate for an SMS is close to 94%. That means it can be a great tool for education and migration agencies trying to engage with their prospects. Additionally, it is quite easy for recipients to reply. 

6. Automated reminders

In the education and migration business, nothing is more important than dates. Be it visa application dates, document submission dates, or payment installment due dates, you can quickly send an SMS reminder to students through SMS automated reminders on Agentcis. That way, you will never miss any important dates or information.

7. Centralised communication 

It is necessary for an agency to ensure collaborative communication within all its channels and departments. The SMS messaging system integrated into Agentcis’ CRM lets you keep a record of all the messages. With that, everything is tracked in CRM for easy access. 

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