Agentcis’ features that can help your education agency grow

CRM software for education agencies can be a powerful tool that can help you manage operations and boost productivity. It brings together clients’ data, partners, and agency in a single tool. But the agency business is so dynamic that most of them do not support the dynamic needs and adapt to the changing demand. Most of them are incapable of streamlining all the agency operations in one place. The predictable result is that you can lose your clients or commission for any data loss or unfavorable customer experience. 

So, does that mean a perfect CRM software for an education agency does not exist? Well, you have to rethink it for Agentcis. Agentcis is a next-generation client information management system that leaves ordinary CRM platforms miles behind. It is created specifically for Education & Migration agencies to help you acquire, manage, and grow your agency business. The application comes with all functions of Agency business including Counselling, Marketing, Accounts, Client Support, and so on. With this intelligent software, you don’t have to look beyond anything else while searching for software to grow your agency.

Let’s take a look at Agentcis’ features that can help your education agency grow.

Lead Management

Create shareable and customizable lead forms through Agentcis CRM. You can instantly access lead forms where you can generate leads from everywhere. You can connect your CRM through your social media channels or whatever source. All the leads can be channelized in one single CRM platform.

Additionally, not all leads can be approached in the same manner. You can customize and modify fields in the lead form to suit your requirements. Once the lead submits the form, it will be automatically shown in the lead section in Agentcis.

Office check-in 

Whenever a new lead visits your office, the person at your front desk will get the leads to fill in the office check-in lead form. You can add office check-in to assign the lead to a counselor mentioning the purpose of the visit. The system displays the “Waiting, Attending, Completed” list which lets you know how many clients are on the waiting list, who are attending the counseling session, and who have completed the sessions. This way, you can record visits and track how much time the counselor is spending with customers. It becomes easier for you to judge a counselor’s performance based on time as well.

Client Portal

Utilizing a client portal in Agentcis can help work smarter, removing the need to manually update each client. The client portal section is where clients can view their application status and upload documents relevant to their application. They can also edit their personal details including their PTE scores, as well as view email and SMS conversations between them and the counselor.

 Invoicing system

Once a student gets enrolled in the respective university, they are liable to pay college fees every semester. Every agency spends a lot of time and effort preparing invoices. But with an intelligent CRM like Agentcis, this work becomes easy. You can connect a client profile to their respective invoices and email them the invoice from the system. Also, you can keep a proper record of payables and receivables with the referrer while sharing income. In addition, it also lets you track information about discounts given to the client. So, you can prepare an invoice for any other general service automatically. 

Partner Management

Agency business has to work collaboratively with partnered institutions and universities for expanding their business network. Increasing profitability is not just about a good business, but it is also about how you maintain a balanced relationship with your partners. In such a case, Agentcis come to your rescue. You can link clients’ applications directly with the partner and their related products. So, you can track the applications to check their work status and also retrieve the documents anytime.

Agent Management 

Sub-agents or super-agents are the biggest sources of income for education as well as migration agencies. They reach out to clients who are interested in your services. So, that’s half of the marketing work done. With the help of Agentcis, an agency can also share its income and financial details with these outside agents. This can be done with just a click where your invoices will be created by the system. Plus, you can send them directly from the system through the inbuilt e-mail system.

Work Smarter Agentcis


Whether sending an email to a student regarding upcoming updates or sending a festive greeting, automate your tasks through action-based/ time-based triggers in Agentcis.  You can automate your various tasks in the application stage. It ensures all important steps of the application are completed on time. Whenever a lead converts into a prospect, you can automate to create a new task for your counselor using Agentcis’ CRM. 

Initially, it may sound tedious but it saves your time and money in the long run. Also, it reduces human error, increases efficiency, and also fosters relations with your prospects and clients. By incorporating these automation features, you can enhance performance, streamline workflows, nurture clients better and improve your company’s efficiency.


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