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For an enterprise to grow and become successful, it requires numerous efforts. They must devise techniques for enhancing stability, effective management, and the formation of strong relationships. Partner Relationship management comes under the formation of stronger connections between partners. This form of management is relevant to almost all organizations as they have to deal with some forms of partners every day. Education agencies are no exception in this case. Their entire occupation is dependent on service partners. Thus, it becomes very important for such companies to maintain a better partner relationship. Agentcis; the one-stop solution CRM helps education agencies around the world to manage partner relationships efficiently.

There are various ways that Agentcis helps an institution to build a better brand. And helping education agents in managing better partner relationships can be counted as one of them. For organizations like education agencies, the term partner refers to their service partner and clients. Usually, they consist of universities, colleges, insurance companies, students, and migration institutions that render solutions. So let me explain how our CRM, Agentcis will manage a better partner relationship.

Navigating Partner and Products

Agentcis has a very user-friendly interface. This means the users can easily locate and find the necessary information present in the software. For example, an education counselor has to find a University and the courses it provides. They simply have to go to the partner’s tab in the home and click or search the required university. After that, they will be able to view them. Besides the name and services of the institution, the agents can also view their contact information, and branch offices. Due to this reason, many education consultancies prefer Agentcis. When users can view and find the information about their partner they will be able to utilize them efficiently. Effective and efficient utilization leads to better management of relationships.

Agentcis Partner Database

What makes Agentcis better than other CRM software is the way it has been built. All thanks to our developers, they have engineered Agentcis with a reliable and updated database. Agentcis has over 150,000 products from all around the world. These products come from more than 250 global institutions. Users have to just import the database from the settings tab and save it to use in the future. If you want to experience the smooth transition of Agentcis, you can sign in to our website and get a 14 days free trial.

Managing Documents with Agentcis

Document management is one of the most important aspects of an education agency. The visa success rate of the client depends on proper documentation. Having said that, all education agencies must have an effective way of managing documents. When agents are successful to maintain proper documentation they will have a strong administration that leads to better relationship management. Agents can easily upload and download the documents on behalf of the client and process them accordingly. To add a document users have to click the client profile at first. Then after they should click the document tab that appears on the top center of the page. Finally, the users can upload the document of their choice. Agentcis also offers a document checklist feature. This feature will be a cherry on top of agents handling thousands of documents every day.

Client Communication

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Managing contacts with Agentcis

Service providers overtake a major stake in partner relationship management. To keep in touch with the agents have to be updated about the contract requirements. Such provisions include remembering partner products, contract dates, and many more. Agentcis will help its users in remembering all of those. Agents can add their partner contract date in Agentcis and the software will automatically notify the agent. An email notification will appear to the users before the expiry date of the partner contract.

In conclusion, Agentcies knows the importance of PRM in an Education & Migration Agency. Thus it has all the provisions that an education agent needs to manage their partner relationship. This shows how meticulously Agentcis takes care of every aspect of the education business.

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