Agentcis Partners with NAAER

Agentcis and NAAER are now official partners. They have come up with a vision to collaboratively improve Nepal’s international education industry. 

Nepalese Association of Australia Education Representatives (NAAER) was established in the year 2007 to provide accurate and ethical services to education agents. NAAER has played a pivotal role in promoting Australian education in Nepal for the past 15 years. 

Agentcis NAAER Partners

With a vision to become a leading software for education and migration agency management, Agentcis aims to empower international education businesses through the development of technology. Now, Agentcis and NAAER will work together to contribute to the growth of the international education industry.

There are various factors that have an effect on the foreign education market, some of which are included below:

  • The lack of available information and adequate training for education counselors in Nepal. This leads to an insufficient and subpar process for counseling students on the options for higher education and visas.
  • Unethical actions in international education have tarnished the reputation of the Nepalese market.
  • International education agents’ improper procedures have caused enrollment delays for students.
  • Today, students are more knowledgeable, so education counseling needs to be more precise and effective for credibility.
  • Due to competition and a saturated market in international education businesses, similar new businesses struggle.
Agentcis NAAER Partners

Partnership Vision

After becoming partners, Agentcis and NAAER will engage in the positive growth of their businesses. Additionally, Agentcis will support NAAER on all technical aspects to build a strong reputation in the international education market and expand relationships with NAAER members to make Agentcis the most preferred system for its members. Some of the efforts, from our side, that this partnership will carry out are:

  1.  Providing the necessary training:

We believe that the industry becomes better and stronger when businesses have skilled human resources. With the same view, Agentcis and NAAER will assist education agents in Nepal to acquire the best possible skills. Education agencies are service-based businesses so they will have to be highly skilled to serve all of their clients. For this, Agentcis will help its partners by providing courses that will help the agents in the long run.

  1. Technological support

Technology is a staple for any business to be efficient in today’s world. Agentcis will provide technical support and advice to all NAAER members. Also, both parties will work together to bring out the best technological solutions that will benefit the overall industry. Agentcis will support NAAER in all technical areas by guiding in decision-making in business systems, relevant web servers, and implementation of membership.

  1. Make information more accessible

Having the necessary information in hand will help every agent to perform their activities better. Information about members’ status, available partners, and available resources will help every agent whenever required. The partnership aims to make information more accessible not just for education agents but students as well.

  1.  Ethical Practices for Agents

The partnership will also move forward to strengthen the Code of Ethical Practices set by the NAAER. This includes ensuring that education Agentcis provide prospective students with accurate and unbiased information about Australian education and the institutions they represent.

  1. Assist in building processes:

Both parties hope to create standard operating procedures through the relationship that are on par with industry norms. Making education agents in Nepal capable of offering their services as effectively as possible is the aim.

All in all, this partnership is a beginning for more to come with a shared vision, that is, to uplift the international education market in Nepal and assist agencies to make themselves competitive in the global market. 

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