Building Relationships with your Clients

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many business sectors to face challenges never seen before and the international education sector is not an exception. In such a situation, businesses are trying to use digital channels adhering to social distancing rules. To sustain a long-term relationship with the clients, perhaps the most important among all of these is how they maintain their relationship with clients. 

Understanding the mindset of your Clients

As this crisis continues to unfold across the world, understanding what your clients need can help build a sound relationship. An agent in the education and migration business needs to think of what their students and referrers/ sub-agents need right now more than ever to maintain that trust factor. How your business acts amid a crisis will strongly influence whether its clients are likely to trust and/or continue taking services from them now or in the future. For this reason, you must focus on building Relationships with your clients.

Atlassian, an Australian-based software company announced to make its collaborative platforms free. This is a great example of knowing what your customers need right now and building customer loyalty rather than direct commercial gain. 

Handling Customer Relationships during COVID-19

When things are physically distant, try to find out ways to stay digitally connected. Provide regular updates to your students and other associates. This will assure them that you are showing concern for them which can eventually lead them to continue working with you. If you are looking for ways to handle your customer relationships during COVID-19, here are a few of them to your rescue:

Decide how your business is responding to the virus

Different businesses have different ways of responding in tough times like the global pandemic. Brainstorm among your employees and clearly define your strategy of response. As an education/ migration agent, your responsibility is to strategically plan your response. This will help you to reach out to international students who might be in a state of dilemma.

Communicate your response to clients

Update your clients on what actions you are taking now. Channelize your response through regular updates online via emails, websites, social media platforms, direct phone or messages, and so on. 

Make it easier for clients to reach you online

Whenever your clients try to reach you, make sure you are easily accessible to them online. Facilitate your support in such a way that you are just a call or click away from your current or potential customers. This can help them to stay engaged with you. 

Maintain (or start) a live chat service

Face-to-face communication is definitely not possible now. So, one of the most effective ways to maintain that closeness among your clients is through live chat. If you think you can provide live chat support, do not hesitate to implement it right away.

Create training tutorials or make entertaining videos

To constantly engage your students or other associates, offer them insightful videos, tutorials, or even other fun, casual videos. In this way, you can make them feel that you are providing them with highly customizable service and staying close to your clients virtually, if not physically.


Software like Agentcis can be of great help for education agencies to manage tasks and clients remotely. Being connected with your clients is crucial as well as challenging more than ever. Every business wants to build strong relationships in a post-pandemic world. So, you need to start investing in building strong client relationships now. The future will narrate the rest for itself.

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