Comparing International Education in USA, UK, Canada & Australia

Studying or migrating abroad is a life-changing decision for anyone. Annually, thousands of international students head to their study destination countries worldwide. The USA, the UK and Australia are considered to be the most popular choices for international students. According to Times Higher Education ranking, most of the world’s top 200 universities are in the USA, the UK and Australia. However, the pandemic has put a long pause on the international education industry worldwide. This has affected not only the students but also the economy of the host countries. Thus, we have compiled a list comparing International Education in the USA, UK, Canada & Australia.

Although, after more than a year-long gap, countries are opening up for inviting international students to their countries. Immigration policy certainly will remain a crucial factor for the strategies attracting international students. But in recent months, the other factors are likely to play a significant role in determining which destination countries acquire or lose the international education share market. 

Vaccination rate

As the vaccination rate in a country increases, the tendency for the spread of COVID minimizes. This creates countries to emerge from lockdowns economies to reopen. Consequently, educational institutions can resume in-person learning. Campus learning is an experience which international students yearn for. 

Comparing International Education in USA, UK, Canada & Australia – Entry Requirements & Vaccination Rate

The United States of America (USA)

The USA is currently open to all international students. It resumed its international arrival from August 1 onwards. You don’t need to follow any national quarantine requirement while travelling to the USA. But again, it can depend upon the campus regulation only. Globally, has been 3.22B doses given, with 11.3% of the global population fully vaccinated.

The United Kingdom (UK)

The UK is currently following a Red-Amber-Green list system for allowing international students in its country. That means travellers from red-listed countries like India and Pakistan cannot travel to the UK. At the same time, travellers from amber-listed countries like China and green-listed countries can enter the country following some arrival safety protocols. Travellers need to have pre and post-arrival testing and follow 10-days quarantine requirements.

Currently, the UK is leading the vaccination rate with 50.4% of the total population outpacing the other popular destination countries like Australia and Canada.


Canada has continued its travel restriction for foreign nationals. Flights from India are currently suspended. Pre-and post-arrival testing and 10-days quarantine requirements are compulsory. Canada has vaccinated 35.2 of its population.


Since the first wave, Australia has closed its borders, and the entry remains strictly controlled and is still far behind it with a vaccination rate of 7.3%. The obvious reason can be the infection rates which are comparatively higher in the USA and the UK during the surge of COVID-19 spread. 

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