Considering Strong Customer Support Resources while Purchasing a CRM

For every growing education and migration business, a CRM software will help in managing everyday tasks and boosting company’s efficiency. While investing in a CRM software, most businesses look for price, functionality, system integrations and free-trials and that’s great! However, they often tend to neglect the customer support resources.

Yes, customer support resources are essential for a smooth operation. It is one of the most undervalued features taken into consideration while purchasing a CRM. Your CRM is no good if it’s not properly configured or if your employee isn’t trained to use the features. And whenever any problem arises, if customer support is not easily accessible, it becomes difficult to operate on the CRM and won’t generate the maximum ROI from your solution.

So, considering strong customer support becomes important for any education and migration agent. A CRM like Agentcis understands this and provides strong customer support resources for education counselors and migration agents.

Let’s take a look at what Agentcis CRM offers.

Effective training sessions

To get you onboard effectively on any CRM system, first you need to get a training session from the CRM support team. The customer success team of Agentcis will provide you and your counsellors with training sessions and handle any queries they have. From understanding the features to how to efficiently utilise the system, you get to know everything to successfully implement it in your daily operation.

Chat Support available whenever needed

Agentcis CRM provides chat support to its clients from Monday to Friday during the normal business hours i.e. 9 am to 7 pm. You can access the support at the bottom left of your Agentcis Login screen. So, whenever you run into a challenge that you can’t solve on your own, Agentcis customer success team will easily solve it once you reach them through the chat support. 

Agentcis Academy Course for Education & Migration Counsellors 

Agentcis Academy Course will equip & Migration Counsellors working in agencies with technical skills and knowledge on Agentcis System. The counsellors can immediately apply the knowledge in the companies that use Agentcis. You can get Agentcis certified by completing the different sections of the course. This course is accessible for free if you are using the Agentcis system with a paid plan. Or, you can pay $129 to access the session with our team. Meeting booking link will be provided once you make the final payment.


Hence, once you’ve implemented your CRM, be it Agentcis or any other CRM, be sure to look into the type of customer support you will receive, their availability, how can you reach them, and if they have a good track record. Otherwise, you will struggle to use your CRM effectively.

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