Defining the Right Marketing Funnel for your Education Agency

Set yourself up for success by defining the right marketing funnel for your education & migration agency. It will defines your agency’s marketing activities at each stage of the customer journey. This is integral to your education agency, as it creates a system that is measurable at every level of the customer journey. 

Top of the Marketing Funnel


Firstly, at the top of the funnel, these are the marketing activities that are facilitating awareness of your business. For example, could be your social media posts and ads, email marketing and promotional videos. The aim of this stage is to make your target audience aware and interested in your services to move down the funnel. 

Middle of the Marketing Funnel

Middle of the Marketing Funnel

The middle of the funnel involves those activities that facilitate consideration and intent. The aim is to try to convert those who are aware of your services into leads. For instance, this could be done by offering exclusive discounts on your services and by hosting events. You are trying to develop a relationship with potential customers to lead them down the funnel for conversion. 

Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Lastly, at the bottom of the funnel, these marketing activities facilitate conversion and purchase. Here, you are trying to guide the leads in making an informed decision to go ahead with the services. For example, this could be done by sharing success stories and testimonials of your education agency to convince your lead that your agency is the best choice. 


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Most importantly, once you have a new customer, ensure you are nurturing the relationship by going above and beyond. Help your customers achieve success and as a result, your customers will be your biggest advocates. Word-of-mouth advocacy will loop potential customers into the awareness stage of their own unique journey in your funnel.

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