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An year with the pandemic has changed the nature of the workplace dramatically. With the changing times, technology has a greater role in bringing convenience and access to the work. For education agents, just as the important is building a sound relationship with students and higher education institutions, so is the need to make sure that these data and documents are properly organized, categorized, and guided further down the funnel.

Here’s how the future of work can be easier and organized with Agentcis:

Helping You in Client Application Management 

Agentcis provides you with client application management which allows you to maintain all data in one place without having to look them up somewhere else. Moreover, the same system gives access to multiple login credentials. All the clients and their tasks can be assigned to different counsellors quite efficiently on Agentcis. Instead of looking around for several programs, you can create appointments, tasks, quotations, invoices, and send emails from this system itself. 

Agentcis also allows you to add as many referrers as you want to a single client’s application.  An agency business has to work with a lot of referrers and sub-agents. So, it becomes quite easy to connect all your applications to respective agents from where you have received the applications. Similarly, you can trace your previous communication with the client since the system itself lets you send and receive emails. All you have to do is to check the Conversations tab under that particular client to view all the past conversations with the client.

Manage Your Referrers And Sub-Agents 

Sub-Agents and Referrers are the assets for any education and migration agency. They are the ones that can bring in potential clients and are a massive source of income. Considering these points, Agentcis has created a section dedicated to manage all the referrers and sub-agents.

With the help of Agentcis, you can manage and track them in the easiest possible way. You can track the commission sharing with the agents by adding them in a separate section on the invoices. These invoices can then be shared with the agents and partners. Additionally, Agentcis lets you collaborate with other agents worldwide and increase client acquisition through the system itself.  That is how Agentcis can help you adjust quickly with the future of work.

Simplify Task Allocation and Tracking 

A lot of times, keeping up with the daily task is a hassle which may also lead agents to lose some potential clients. Instead of jotting down tasks and ringing up to assign tasks among team members by yourself, Agentcis serves as a task manager for you.

Through Agentcis, you can directly assign tasks to your team members. They will be notified accordingly. Meanwhile, you can track your team’s progress as well. You can access the system from anywhere with the availability of the internet and a suitable device. So, you can do your tasks on the go and you can lead them from anywhere simultaneously.


Needless to say, when you have a personal assistant like Agentcis, you can manage and grow your business through an organized system. Agentcis is helping agencies, like you, to grow by amplifying their efficiency to stay ahead in the competition. It is making all the agencies ready for the future of work. So, try the system yourself by signing up for 14 Days Free Trial.

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