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Staying organized and updated are the keys of successful agents. Especially, for education and migration agents with piles of work lying ahead of them. These could be submitting VISA application to dealing with numerous leads to managing multiple offices. And, in the process of getting the work done, often times the finances get mixed up or even missed out. Find out how you can get financial control here.

Mostly, they’re so occupied with work that they forget to create an invoice or record them altogether. It’s less of a hassle to trace back the records for those acquainted with digital note keeping. But, its a headache for those who write them on paper notes and pile it with rest of the other documents.

Keeping this in mind, Agentcis has built in accounts feature that helps you get financial control to education and migration agents. Basically, It’s a dynamic business management solution that helps agents to stay organized and efficient with their tasks. A lot of great many features make Agentcis the best software for education and migration agents. However, we’ll talk about how it helps in financial management here.

1. Create invoices in an instant

Since, all your applications are stored in the system, you can create an invoice in no time. All you have to do is enter the client or partner’s name and everything that needs to be accounted will be displayed. Then, you can either preview and send it immediately through built in e-mail system.This saves your time looking for documents, creating an invoice manually and jumping between applications.

2. Monitor payables and receivables

Oftentimes agents tend to forget who they owe commission to or how much has already been paid. Moreover, they lose track of collecting their payments from partners too. So, Agentcis plays a major role here by helping you monitor your payables and receivables in an organized way. Furthermore, you can mark the accounts as paid once payment has been done. With this, there is no chance that you will ever miss out on any important payments and get financial control.

3. Share income with branch offices and referrers

Agents are no stranger to sub-agents and referrers. In fact, they’re part of one big family. Agentcis has clearly understood this and thus, allows agents to add sub-agents, branch offices and referrers to the system. While, sub-agents and branch office agents can use the system with customizable access given by the owner, referrers are only mentioned so their account can be kept. If anytime, agents need to pay to any of them then they can easily fill in the respected fields and get the payment done. If any percentage of payment has been already made in the past then that can be reviewed too. This makes the agents work so much easier as they do not have to create separate invoices.

4. Get daily reminders

As mentioned earlier, a lot of agents miss out on their commission either by not claiming them on time or forgetting altogether. To address this issue, Agentcis gives you daily reminders about close deadlines so you never miss out a single penny.

The system is designed to help you increase your potential by taking care of your daily tasks. Moreover, it is determined to help you acquire leads, manage clients and grow your business. It’s time to take a step ahead and get yourself an assistant that only stops working when you do- get Agentcis.  

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