Manage Global Agents Who Expand Your Business With Agentcis

Being global is a key factor today for any business to strive and grow. Not confining your business to one particular location will expose you to multiple markets with vast potentials. However, growing as a global business can be a tough job. But with a crm-system like Agentcis, global agents can reach out to their audience in the most efficient manner.

Agentcis, a web based application allows its users to operate multiple offices and manage teams throughout the world. Never limit yourself to geographic boundaries and supervise global agents with the best crm-system. Find out all about it here or Sign up for 14 Days FREE Trial to know for yourself.

Team Collaboration

No matter how many branches there are, you can rely on Agentcis to assist you in managing all of them. In a single portal, all your team members can work together by sharing information, assigning clients & updating work status. With it, there are no geographical constraints. Furthermore, it allows the owner to enjoy the flexibility of assigning tasks, clients as well as help in setting appointments with all the team members irrespective of their location.

Multi office task management

The business owner can create one primary office and multiple secondary offices through this application. All these offices, no matter where they are being operated in, can communicate information through the crm-system. Similarly the application allows the owner to view filtered data based on particular location as well as overview the overall operation of all their businesses.

Customizable roles for team members

Surely, not all the team members can have equal access to the system. There could be information that the owner doesn’t want to share or isn’t relevant to other team members such as finances. Thus, the owner has full authority to restrict access to the system information and decide who can view a particular information and who cannot. They can do this by simply inviting and assigning job roles to their teams. These roles play a crucial part in data access authorization.

Client sharing

With a common system in place, team members can share the tasks related to a single client. This is in case the client lives in a different location as the assigned client or decides to travel. Then, another agent from related branch office can handle the client’s rest of the stages.

No matter how many offices the business owner has throughout the world, a single subscription is all that it’s required to operate the system by multiple offices. Since, you’re already here, you should definitely experience Agentcis and find out more benefits with a 14 Days Free Trial. Your goal to becoming global agents is just a step away.

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