Global Trends for Higher Education Sector

Clearly, we’re still living in a global pandemic and facing some unknown changes every day. Meanwhile, the impact is profound in the higher education sector as well. A recent research by Salesforce highlights key global trends shaping the local and international student as well as staff experiences during these times.

Regular updates help students feel connected

With an urgent shift towards self-isolation and social distancing, the nature of higher education has also changed. Remote learning approaches witnessed a sudden rise and came forward as the only way to stay connected with the Professors. In such situations, constant communication between institutions and students or staff made students feel more engaged.

As per the recent global trends, more than three-quarters (75%) of respondents told that personalized communication from institutions increased the sense of belongingness. Students and staff like to receive pandemic related communications more frequently, which increasingly happen through online communities and other digital platforms.

Global Trends for Higher Education

How the Pandemic Shattered Trust

Within the institution, the trust gaps between the top leadership and instructors or students have increased somewhat due to the pandemic. More than 40% of the instructors and students feel the trust gap has widened in the past few months.

Balancing Wellbeing Concerns

The unprecedented university experience definitely had a profound impact on students. Personal wellbeing and financial safety remain the topmost priority for students during the pandemic. Around 30%-40% of students want more support for their wellbeing, mental health, and financial aid.

Flexibility of Online Learning

Upon improving the university’s response during the pandemic, students are expecting more flexible courses or online learning options. And the good news is that more than half of the staff feel that their universities are investing in new modalities or revenue streams for better and flexible learning options.

Uncertainties Revolving Around Future Plans

Pursuing an academic degree has always been compared with the value of getting a better and secured future. However, the uncertain economic future has now raised serious questions about what matters and what is worth doing. Not surprisingly, students are rethinking to switch their institutions in search of programs which better align with their career goals.

Reshaping Assessments

The pandemic has become a catalyst for the much-needed innovation in the higher education sector. In a matter of weeks, education institutions implemented new solutions for learning. This dramatic acceleration of digital transformation has brought a new shift in education approaches. 

Life Skills & Social Emotional Learning 

When the world is moving towards social distancing, it is crucial to ensure that the students develop critical social-emotional skills. A significant number of students seek more effective support for mental wellbeing from their universities.  


This period of COVID-19 is definitely a challenging experience for all the educational institutions around the world. However, it has also sharpened the appetite for a sustainable and resilient post-pandemic future.

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