Growing your client base as a migration agent

Growing your client base as a migration agent can be a daunting task. Clients are the lifeline for any business. However, it is also the most challenging part of the business. As an agent in a migration and education consultancy business, dealing with clients is tough but even tougher is getting the clients. 

The market is quite saturated with plenty of migration and education agencies for the clients. At the end, you are selling a successful visa lodgement to a destination country for education or migration purposes. But then, there are already hundred other companies selling the same service as you do. Among those hundreds of other businesses selling “this” and “that” consulting services, standing out and growing your client base is not an easy one but definitely not an impossible one too.

Here we have enlisted some things to keep note of to grow your client base as a migration agent.

Solve problems before selling solutions

When we talk about good marketing, we talk about making the brand/ services heard. But what we often forget about is actually hearing from the audience. Yes, when you first hear what the audience wants and what problems they are facing, you can better serve them. 

For instance, an Australian migration agent client might want to acquire a visa to live and work in Australia. Every query the potential migrant might have represents a problem that needs to be addressed. The query can be related to where they wan to live, where they want to work, what budget they have, how to get started with the application, what future goals are, and so-on. All these queries are to be addressed before lodging a visa. And if you can answer these, you can help them consult better for their decisions. So, don’t rush towards selling your services. Rather, listen and try solving problems first.

Create content that adds value to the client

Now when you have figured out what queries the clients have, try to solve them through your content. Promoting on social media or through digital platform is not just about showcasing who you are and what you do. As said in the earlier point, your first job is to know what your clients need. So, create content solving every single query the client has. Design your website or your social media handles in such a way that you answer those queries.

For instance, if they are confused about the future prospects in Australia, try creating a blog on it. The client reads the article and feels happy and informed. At the end of the blog, you include an email signup form for newsletter. The form may say “Want to study in Australia? Sign up for free tips from us.” Now, they are already impressed by the content, they will also signup for your newsletter. This is how you get the leads by first serving the content that adds value to them.

Become proactive

Once you get the leads, you cannot stay idle and let them forget you. Now is the time when you promote your services through offers, special discounts, or simply creating fomo. Let them read more of your articles so that they can continuously engage with you. For instance, send a newsletter on “Tips to score better on IELTS” and add your offer “Get 20% off on IELTS classes using the promo code now”. Chances are high that they will opt for your migration agency. At this point, even if they refuse to take your service, they already know your brand and service and are impressed by what you do. So, by giving away the content, you get more in return.


To conclude, growing your client base is all about understanding the clients needs and serving them with what they want.
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