How can CRM Software Help Your Business Grow?

We are now no more in a world where businesses document and manage all their operations manually in piles of papers. Because today, the ever-growing market demands efficient productivity and speed in every aspect. This is where the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system plays its role. The age of digitization and technology is all about a smooth client experience, centralising everything in one place, and managing daily operations systematically. Hence, a CRM software like Agentcis can help your business grow.

An education and migration business is so diverse and dynamic. The agency business demands a sound collaborative operation among clients, its partners and agents. The need is to make relationships among these aspects as strong as possible. The need is to make them transparent and to manage operations for getting the best possible client experience which drives the best business result. These needs drive agencies to rely on an integrated Customer Relationship Management software or CRM platform where they can manage everything in one place. 

Agentcis is a simple yet powerful business management platform for education and migration agencies. An enterprise-ready platform, Agentcis combines all key features you need for full-fledged agency operations.

Listed are some of the ways how a CRM system like Agentcis can help your business reach to new heights of success in operation and management.

How a CRM Software like Agentcis helps your business grow

1. Tracking the customers’ journey

Keeping track of your client’s experience from lead to prospect to becoming your client is now more important than ever. An education or migration agency that has limits to what it can achieve will never grow. So, your agency should have unlimited opportunities in order to perform the best it can and succeed. It can be made easy if you track clients’ journeys. With that belief, Agentcis provides you the feature of unlimited workflows. You can keep track of each client’s application progress without needing to do anything. You can quickly grasp the information about what is happening. Moreover, you can take various actions in the application stages to manage and make your work more efficient.  You can centralize your data and know where your customer journey falls short.

2. Automating the manual process 

Agentcis’ CRM automates day-to-day tasks, speeding up your time-consuming but necessary work. It includes data entry and contact record updates after every interaction. The CRM system of Agentcis can expedite tasks by automating email template creation, information organization, contacts look up and freeing up your time to focus on creative tasks and decision-making. You can measure your business performance without investing extra money and effort.

3. Centralising communications: 

Smooth communication is a key to business success. A good communication can form better relationships and escalate business as well whereas a simple communication gap can do the opposite. All the team members can work on a single platform. Moreover, the system also lets you send bulk messages to your clients and partners. It has the feature of email templates to save your time and effort for easy communication. 

4. Task management 

Tracking daily tasks of your counsellors and other team members is easy with Agentcis. You can manage your resources by assigning your team members. You can also add a deadline to it which sends auto-reminders as well so that no important tasks are missed. With a glance at the system, you can overview how everyone’s doing and what they are doing. In doing so, internal teams will be able to share critical data and customer information so they can work as a cohesive unit. As a result, you clients will also have a seamless and consistent end-to-end customer experience that makes them want to remain loyal to your brand. 

5. Reports 

With the help of Agentcis, you can prepare reports of your finances as well as daily operations directly from the system. This helps you to see the analytics and make the right business decision. Moreover, you can track the performance of your team members, track your financial details and make effective planning for your business growth.


The main goal of Agentcis is to be the best business assistant for education and migration agents. Try a 14-days trial for free and get started now.

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