How can StudyLink make your Work Easier ?

StudyLink Connect is a software that allows agents around the world to submit their client’s university applications in a faster and more reliable way. Through StudyLink Connect education consultants can directly connect to many universities and their courses without having to create different accounts. Making a student application is an important business function for every education agent. So today we will discuss how can Studylink make your Work Easier as an Education agent.

There are numerous educational institutions around the world. And the courses offered by them are even more. Education agents might have to go through all those institutions to apply separately on the behalf of their clients. If the students are willing to apply for more than one university or course then the application process can be even more complex.

In order to simplify the application process for agents around the world, StudyLink acts as an important document milestone. Besides making the application process easier there are other ways that Studylink makes your work easier. So let’s discuss them:

1. Less Application Error

Universities and colleges all around the world receive millions of international applications each year. Despite the high number of application requests they only allocate a few times for each applicant. Usually, the application screening finishes within 4-6 weeks of the application deadline. This means even a slight error in the application process can lead to rejection. With Studylink you can reduce many errors. For instance, you can use StudyLink’s data to fill out the application form. Through their database, you can recognize if your client had previously applied through StudyLink. You can verify the data with your information and use the data present in Studylink to apply to a new college. This will ensure that you reduce any typing error- and it’s amazing.


2. Elimination of Dual Data entry

One of the main features of StudyLink is to create a singular platform for hundreds of agents so that they don’t have to make multiple accounts in the institution. Before StudyLink, agents had to compile all admission documents from their clients and then send them to the desired institution. This means they had to create dual data entry in their system as well as in the university system. This process required additional time and effort. But StudyLink makes the work easier for all the agents.

3. Workflow Management

Workflow is the series of processes that an organization follows to complete a task from start to finish. The workflow for student applications can become much shorter after the implementation of StudyLink. After reducing possible errors and minimizing the dual data entry system, StudyLink enables agents to have efficient workflow management. It is because agents will have additional time to invest in other activities.

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4. Access to a wide variety of Partner Products

StudyLink’s database offers thousands of courses from institutions from over 56 nations worldwide. Due to this reason 15,000+ agents use this platform to apply on behalf of their clients. The study area is also very diverse at StudyLink. Whatever their field of study may belong to Studylink Connect has tons of courses under it. From STEM to Music and History, you name it StudyLink has it.

The main reason that StudyLink has been able to have such a huge offering is because of its ability to bring positive changes to partner institutions. A case study from Macquire University in Australia revealed that their student uplift rose by 50% within 18 months after the implementation of StudyLink.

5. Instant Updates

Customer experience is something that every agent wants to become the best at. Don’t worry as StudyLink will help in this matter as well.  Clients are always looking to hear prompt and timely responses from consultants. StudyLink portal displays the activity log of each applicant, meaning that you can see the progress of each applicant through the single portal.  Agents will also be able to view the messages of the university inside the portal so that they can quickly communicate with their clients.


6. Fater Application Turnaround

Having a fast application turnaround is a beneficial feature for both an agent and the partner institution. It is because it can accelerate the revenue rates for both parties. With minimum error, faster processing, better workflow management, and better customer experience it is obvious that there will be a faster application turnaround. StudyLink has helped many institutions to achieve a faster application rate. CQ University Australia saw 40% faster applications with StudyLink. Due to these success rates, the number of agents using StudyLink has been increasing every month.

Final Thoughts

Innovation in the field of higher education has brought a lot of positive changes, and StudyLink is one of them. In a single glance, this system always wants to create the highest value for both education agents and institutions by reducing barriers. StudyLink Connect is obviously beneficial for agents as it saves time, effort, and resources giving a better return on application turnaround. Accessing StudyLink is even easy with Agentcis because we have now collaborated with them. This means that the application process with Agentcis will be even faster and more reliable. Thus StudyLink will make your work easier as an education agent.

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