How Excellent Customer Support leads to Customer Success

Customer support helps to overcome a specific problem. It is the key to building a great relationship with your customer to deliver an excellent post-sales service. Whereas, Customer Success is when customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service. 

Excellent customer support is important because it helps retain your customers for longer and makes your education agency irreplaceable to them. Thus, if your customers are satisfied with your services, they are more likely to refer to their friends and family. Likewise, this will help you grow your agency and will support you to succeed. 

Here are the four steps to achieving customer success: 

Step 1: Be Informed:

The first step to delivering the best customer service is to be informed. Listening to your students and understanding their problems is essential in customer support. This helps your education counsellors to identify the right courses and services offered to the students. Likewise, ensure the right training is being provided regularly, on the course information and visa requirements. Subsequently, training on the internal process is also equally important for the delivery of the service.

Step 2: Communication 

The second step to lead to customer success is proactive communication. To achieve trust and loyalty, it is necessary to initiate communication with the student as the service progresses. Additionally, informing students regularly of their application status will improve the credibility of your education counsellors and your company.  Ensure you are nurturing the relationship by responding to their enquiries as quickly as possible. In turn, it will make your customers feel valued and important.

Step 3: Go above and beyond

The third step to achieve customer success is to going above and beyond. To gain a competitive advantage, just delivering a service is not sufficient. There are multiple ways you can create a meaningful impact on your customers after the service. For example, sending them personalised birthday messages, alerting them about visa expiry and offering referral bonuses. A system like Agentcis can automate these communications. By going above and beyond, you will have a higher level of customer retention. 

Step 4: Collect feedback

Lastly, the final step is to receive regular feedback from your customers. This step measures the performance of your customer support. Positive or negative feedback will provide you with the opportunity to improve your agency’s services by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, automating the feedback process can be done with Agentcis.

In conclusion, these are some of the steps which can improve your customer support and achieve customer success. Hence, the help of the right system like Agentcis will help implement turning excellent customer support into customer success.

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