How to effectively manage leads and convert them into clients?

The existence of any business is dependent upon its leads and clients. No matter what, to manage leads and converting them into clients is the most crucial aspect of any business and so as in the education and migration business. 

Everybody wants to manage leads and convert them into clients. But only those who can efficiently manage their leads and actually nurture the leads to become the paying clients will survive. So, here we present an effective tool through which you can do the same efficiently—CRM software.

When you are in an education and migration business,  your client’s journey will all start with an enquiry. A CRM software like Agentcis can help you a lot in organizing your lead data, attending to those leads on time, and answering their queries efficiently to win their trust and provide a better service to them. Let’s dive into it in detail.

Creating Lead forms & channelising in one list

Agentcis CRM lets you create shareable and customizable lead forms. You can incorporate system generated code which you can show on your business website to reach more leads easily. The system also lets you know the source of your lead. This could be from your website, social media or seminars. Through Agentcis CRM, all the leads that complete the Lead Forms will be listed in the Enquiries list. You can then grab your leads into your system or import them in bulk from other platforms with excel. Also, you can know the time when your lead form was filled. Consequently, this helps you to prioritise your leads that have been in a queue for a longer time.

Reaching out to your leads immediately

Because if you miss contacting the collected leads, the leads will lose interest in you, and will basically forget that they have contacted you. This is a loss of your marketing efforts as well as a loss of business deals. And if your promptness towards the potential client can make them feel valued and open up a business deal, why not?

With advanced CRM like Agentcis, you can easily assign a team member to every prospect through the system. This is mandatory in our system so that no one is left out. So, using Agentcis’ task categories and priority system, your counsellors can view which leads require urgent attention and even set reminders and deadlines for follow-ups.

Send Appointment Reminders

Once your prospect has an initial conversation with you, make sure to send an appointment reminder at least one day before the meeting. Mention the date, time, and location. This way, you can again show your professionalism and create a good first impression even before the first meeting.

Agentcis users can create appointments and schedule them within the app. Appointment notifications will be sent to the users whenever they log in. 

Regular follow-ups

After your first interaction with your client, make sure to send a follow-up mail or message. The follow-up may include any important information, documents, or simply a note of gratitude. Such small gestures will have a lasting impact on your client. However, this should not be intrusive and annoying for the potential client.

Followups can be automated email reminders sent through Agentcis CRM just by setting up the date for sending the reminder. Other subtle ways of getting connected with the clients can be a birthday wish, a festive greeting, or offer updates. You can automate directly from the Agentcis system.

Creating a new task for counsellors when Interested Services is added

Whenever a lead converts into a prospect, you can automate to create a new task for your counsellor using Agentcis’ CRM.  When you add “Interested Services”, this will trigger the automation. For instance, the task can be creating an appointment with the prospect based on the “interested Services” added. With this automation, you can nurture your prospect to become your client timely. Cool, right?


For any education or migration agent, it is not affordable to lose even a single lead just because of inefficiency in management and tracking. Opt for an integrated system like Agentcis that allows you to store and manage leads.

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