How to Manage Students’ Fees and Invoices Efficiently

For a migration agency business, enrolling students in international universities comes with a big hassle of managing their finances all in one place. After the student gets enrolled in the respective university, they are liable to pay college fees every semester. Failing to claim agency commission timely can result in losing its profitability.

Here’s how an integrated system like Agentcis can help you out in. For example, through Agentcis, you can automate student fees and invoices so you can minimize the hassles to maximize your profitability.

Track your Fee Payments in One Place

Agentcis lands you on a single, streamlined view of your financial transactions. It gives you a single platform for clarity on financial transactions and keeps your team on the same page.

In fact, you can maintain a proper record of payables and receivables with the referrer while sharing income. In addition, it lets you keep proper information about discounts given to the client and you can create an invoice for any other general service so that you never miss a penny. 

Manage Due Dates using Reminder Notifications

Furthermore, among all the day-to-day tasks, you can prioritize a specific payment due date so no payments are missed. Schedule a due date for an invoice in the specific application stage and it will remind you for income collection. 

Auto-invoicing to the Partners on Due Dates

A client profile is connected to their respective invoices and financial details. Subsequently, once you create a net claim or gross claim invoice using Agentcis’ reminder notification, you can email the invoice to your customer.

Grouping Invoice for Commission Claim in Bulk

Save time with an option to send bulk emails from the system to your clients. You can send quick notifications or alert mail in bulk to all your clients and inform them on time. In spite of you send a bulk email, each and every client will get an individual email.


Most of the time, it’s a challenge to manage financial transactions. In the same way, it is even more challenging to use a manual system for keeping track. In conclusion, mismanagement can result in losing your share of income. Agentcis is designed to standardize the way your education agency tracks financial transactions. Try a 14-day free trial and know how you can increase efficiency and produce reliable results.

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