How to track your client’s journey with Agentcis’ CRM

Keeping track of your client’s experience from lead to prospect to becoming your client is now more important than ever. 

How is your client’s experience? Are your prospects being followed up on time? At which stage is your client’s application status? Why did your client discontinue the application? At which stage did they discontinue? As an education consultant, you need to make sure no prospects fall in between. You need to make sure your converted prospects get timely services and follow-ups. Moreover, understanding your clients allows you to improve each stage of the journey. Consequently, it helps to determine your company’s success. 

An integrated CRM like Agentcis can help your agency business track your client’s journey in one single platform. That is to say, you can store all their information in one place to make contact management easy.

Track your client’s journey with Agentcis’ CRM


Breaking down your client’s journey, will all start from an enquiry. Leads or enquiries are contacts who have filled your online lead forms. Through Agentcis CRM, all the leads that complete the Lead Forms will be listed in the Enquiries list.

You can grab your leads into your system or import them in bulk from other platforms with excel. Also, you can know the time when your lead form was filled. Consequently, this helps you to prioritise your leads that have been in a queue for a longer time.


Prospects are the contacts without any applications. To convert an enquiry into a prospect, assign the enquiry to one of your team members.

With Agentcis, you can easily assign a team member to every prospect through the system. This is mandatory in our system so that no one is left out.  


When your prospect decides to go ahead with your service, it becomes your client. Now you can add an application to the system. Similarly, each application is connected to Workflow, Partner and Product. However, depending on the connected workflow, the client application stage can vary. But you can check the current stage as well as the progress of the application through the system itself.


The best part about processing an application through Agentcis is that you can add various activities on each stage of the application and track them all at the same time.

Here, you can keep track of each client’s application progress without needing to do anything. You can view client journey-related action in activities to quickly grasp the information about what is happening. Moreover, you can take various actions in the application stages to manage and make your work more efficient.  For instance, if your client may not continue for their application, you can discontinue their application.


With a system like Agentcis, you can centralize your data and know where your customer journey falls short. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with a 14-days free trial today.

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