How to use Agentcis’ mobile app to increase productivity?

The changing times in the world have brought forward the opportunity to work from home, work from the office, or simply, anywhere. Here at Agentcis, we believe in digitizing the way agencies conduct their business. And with Agentcis’ mobile app, the accessibility to a smooth agency work process has just gone a step further.

Agentcis’ mobile app is designed to run your education and migration business on the go. The app allows your employees the freedom to access clients and important tasks from wherever suits them best. Beyond the obvious benefits of allowing your employees to have a flexible working environment, Agentcis’ mobile app can help ensure that your clients are getting the best-needed service available at all times. Even at times when you are not working directly with clients, you can use Agentcis’ mobile CRM to access contacts, make calls, manage schedules, and get task reminders. 

To give you a more detailed insight on how Agentcis’ mobile app helps, we have compiled some important benefits here.

How Agentcis’ mobile app helps increase productivity?

1. Sync your tasks

The ever-increasing workload demands a “need to have” an easy task management tool on the go. Agentcis’ mobile app lets you create or add your daily tasks. You can check what’s on your “to-do” list, “in progress” list, or “in review” and manage your schedules accordingly for the day. This also allows you for seamless team collaboration, quick accessibility and more inclusivity among your team to work from anywhere.

2. Access your clients

All your contact details are present right on your app with their information filtered as “clients” and “prospects”. You can tap on the contact and call or email them directly. You can also view their primary details including their application status, tasks, and activities to understand what is happening in the client profile. Meanwhile, you can quickly take notes if required.

3. Get notified 

Utilize Agentcis Mobile App task’s notification feature to receive mobile notifications to stay informed of deadlines. You can also get the same in-system notifications in the Agentcis Mobile App, such as new lead form submission or new client assigned.

4. Add Applications in the client profile

With the Agentcis Mobile App, you can create applications from the client’s profile. Each application is connected to workflow, partner, and product. You can add multiple applications as well since your client can take more than one service from you. With this, you can also keep track of each client’s application progress easily on the go.

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We believe in making your education and migration agency work “work” better no matter where you access from. Hence, the accessibility to work from anywhere improves your team productivity and scales up your agency business.

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