Immigration Advisors: Business Process Reengineering with Agency Software

Did you know that there is a science to persuasion? Actually, it is art and science combined – the art of communication and the science of technology. In today’s society where people have less time and more choices, a combination of these two factors will help in business process re-engineering for your immigration advisors and eventually convert leads into clients.

In the immigration agency industry, you should be ready to face the fact that clients can be very demanding. They have a lot at stake and want to ensure that the right agency is handling their applications.

In such a competitive market, you need a robust client conversion strategy that will help convince prospects into becoming your agency clients. Here is how you can combine real-time communication with technology in your immigration advisors agency to persuade them:

Implement Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Every immigration advisors agency has its own business process. Thus, it may seem hard to imagine how such diverse processes can function smoothly from a single platform! Whether you run an education or migration consultancy, agency management software can give you the options for business process re-engineering and implement what best suits your business operations.

The management application should be able to support multiple workflows at once, as well as set the stage for each assignment. For instance, clients will go through a series of steps that will eventually determine the outcome of their applications. The software has to be able to set stages such as Application, Offer Letter, Visa, and so on.

Map your business process

Mapping your business process with the help of sales reports, charts and graphs is essential to develop client conversion strategies. For your immigration advisors agency, the strategy to be effective, you must know exactly what is happening on your sales front.

The software should be able to help you overcome concerns, build trust, and understand your client’s needs. Without these measures, client conversions are not possible. Use agency management software to get a clear snapshot of your organization in the form of reports, charts and graphs.

You can regulate and improve your immigration advisors agency business operations based on critical and meaningful reports. Your immigration agency can also produce reports on your financials, clients, partners, and employees.

Share tasks on the go

Sharing tasks is a unique feature of the agency management software. It will help the immigration advisors to assign and share tasks with each other. Most importantly, you can track task progresses through each stage. Also, you can view comments made along the way in your immigration agency.

This means there is no loss of information. Moreover, since the software works from an online platform, your staff can complete tasks from anywhere else with connectivity. This flexibility simplifies task management and is bound to boost your organization’s speed and efficiency.

Track client progress effectively

One of the most powerful ways to convert prospects into clients is to let them know that you will be with them at every stage of their application process. You can literally do so, with the help of agency management software.

Once you assign your workflows, all you need to do is add a service to the client and track their progress through various stages. At each stage, you can email, add notes, set due dates, post comments, or even upload related documents. Regardless of the size of your client database, the system will always provide accurate information on each client’s status.

Optimize your invoicing system

With an in-built invoicing system, the immigration advisors can create and customize invoices, as per the business needs.  You can also set system triggers for each stage of the invoicing cycle. This will never let immigration advisors miss where and when to send the invoices.

This is a great way to boost client confidence in your agency, where invoices are not random, but as per the schedule. A professional approach in invoicing also means that your clients can actually keep track of payments and commission, and plan accordingly, eventually helping them in business process re-engineering.

Centralize your client management system

Having a centralized system to manage client processes is a wonderful way to increase the speed and efficiency of your agency’s business process. It instills trust and a sense of reliance in your prospects, to know that their applications are in good hands. The client service software provides many essential features that will enable your agency to win the client’s confidence:

  • Set reminders so you will never miss an appointment or even an opportunity to wish someone on their birthday.
  • Set appointments with clients and partners, invite other users and receive notifications when it is due.
  • Notes are always useful. Simply add notes anywhere in the system.
  • Upload client documents in any format and retrieve them easily from anywhere.
  • Since protecting client data is so crucial, Agentcis uses the same secure cloud database used by NASA, Netflix, Airbnb, Unilever, and other high profile organizations.
  • Quickly send emails to your prospective leads, clients and vendors, and keep track of your outbox as well.
  • Access the software from multiple devices – mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops, and stay connected with your business even when you are away from your desk.

Converting immigration advisors’ prospects into clients is not always about luring them with great offers, discounts, and incentives. Sometimes, it is more important for them to understand that your immigration management system can genuinely handle their applications with utmost ease and efficiency using business process re-engineering model. It will save your clients time, money, and a lot of anxiety!

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