Follow These To Impress Immigration Representative Every-time

Immigration representative– the ones that ultimately decide if your client’s visa application is accepted or not. So, migration agents want immigration departments to have a good impression of their agencies. You can create such an impression easily by meeting some of their expectations. The officials do not expect all applications filed by Agencies to be absolutely perfect.

Rules and Policies

Migration Agents must be up to date with relevant immigration laws and policies. Immigration representative appreciates this kind of seriousness.

Agents who closely follow changes to rules governing eligibility will forward only the visa applications that have high chances of succeeding.

It significantly reduces the time they have to spend referring to complex laws, past precedents and policy requirements before making decisions.

Complete Application

Another way immigration departments are likely to judge the professional strength of Migration Agents is by seeing whether the visa applications filed by them are complete. You can demonstrate your sincerity by submitting all required information and documents as per the prescribed checklist. Professional agents have a very clear idea about visa requirements. Missing important documents and information or attaching ones that are irrelevant will be seen as carelessness. But of course, we are only human beings and tend to forget some things. Using reminders can be a solution for this and what’s better than a tool to remind you.

Respect Deadlines

Despite your best efforts, some documents may still be missing or may take some time to submit. In such case, just tell the immigration department which documents and information are missing. And, by when you can submit. The information is on top of all other documents so that a case officer knows beforehand what to expect in the application.

Authorities are unlikely to wait forever for documents and information. After the specified time expires, they will provide a certain timeframe for submission. The departmental officers can make a decision even without the information and documents sought after the additional time expires.

Be Professional

Migration Agents must also avoid doing things that immigration department officers might find bothersome.

Do not contact immigration staff with repeated requests for updates on the progress of an application. It can be annoying.

Agents can improve their professional image by being polite and respectful to the immigration representative. Since you and your staff would be communicating with the VCOs and immigration representative mostly through email or phone, it is important to learn basic etiquettes of the phone and email communication. What the officials do expect is that Migration Consultants maintain a certain level of professionalismUsing AGENTCIS can also make you seem more professional and committed to your industry.

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