Overseas Consultancies : Generate Leads And Retain Them

Students always desire to go to a land where there are several new opportunities and different new dreams to follow. Just like seed needs nourishment to develop into a beautiful flower the same way students need guidance to take a step towards their future. Overseas Consultancies acts as nourishment to the students. You should give proper guidance to the students to help them succeed. They focus on the mindset of an individual and help them to take a wise decision. Various questions pop up in a student’s mind before they start on with the admission process. Therefore, Overseas Consultancies are present to solve these problems only.

There are ‘n’ number of Overseas Consultancies. Here is a guide to help you  ‘generate leads‘ for your consulting business and to gain recognition in the market.

  • Ranking your own website:

The more the web searches, the more the clients. When people know you are present and your business is all over the web, they are likely to visit. Make sure your educational consultancy management system comes up on the top of google search results when the user searches for your keywords. You can increase the traffic by analyzing and studying your website. Research on your top 5 competitors sites and search for keywords and place them strategically in your content. While doing so make sure you don’t lack behind your main topic. This will help you increase traffic on your website and in return generate leads.

  • Blog:

Your customers must always be aware that you exist in the market. Posting online journals or blog is the best way to do that. Your site should always have a blog where you post useful content for the readers, which further links them to your product or services. Creating a blog is a good way to market your company.

  • Targeted paid ads:

Running targeted ads on Facebook is a very cost-effective method to generate leads. Here, you cannot focus on your demographics and yet make a lot of sense to the users. These ads target a wide range of the group, and they have an extra reach and exposure. Cost friendly ads help you reach a large group of people.

  • Video:

Making promotional videos drags direct traffic to your website. These videos will show up in search results, and with the help of most viewed keyword terms, you will be able to target your audience. Many users are more keen on visual aids rather than reading.

  • Strategic partnership:

The more hands we have, the better the results we achieve. Overseas Consultancies when strike deals with other service providers, can help boost the business. It will help to grab the market share on a larger scale.

  • Re-targeting:

Not all customers will buy your product or love your service on the first go so, re-targeting the target market is essential. Re-targeting doesn’t mean stalking but only works as a follow-up. Usually, people see your products several times before arriving at a final decision, so re-targeting will help you to gather more customers. Therefore, it is cost effective, as you target the same market.

  • Email marketing:

If your company has a lot of data stored, then you can use email marketing as a source to generate leads. Building a target market and marketing your product will ensure success in a long run. You can send bulk email to convey what services you provide and even to update them with the changes. Overseas Consultancies needs to market themselves.

  • Social media:

It is the era of digitization. People prefer to read an article over the phone rather than a magazine. Use social media as a platform to engage your company with the audience. You should announce events and attractive schemes to pull the target market and make sure that you are passing all the relevant information to the customers. Marketing your consultancy over social media will help you generate leads.

  • Local events and meetups:

Until you don’t market your product on your own, nothing else is going to work out. Therefore you can join business groups in your locality and promote your business there. Many students don’t know about the services. As a Overseas Consultancies, you should be doing all that you can to make yourself recognizable to your audience and the target market.

  • Brochures, business cards, and flyers:

Don’t hesitate in going a step back and being an old school. Most of the times distributing business cards, brochures, etc. can be a medium where you can get your customers. Innovative flyers can help you attract the market. This will work only when you know about your target market and focus on the smaller scale of the market.


Generating leads is not only limited to these factors. Various other ways or strategies can help you generate leads to a consultancy website. The success of a business depends on the capabilities of an individual to find opportunities and grab the one which is best suited for them.

Just by generating leads and getting customers to your website you cannot excel in the business. Once you know that you have your customers, you should have a strategy or a plan to retain them. There are numerous Study abroad consultancies, and customers won’t take time to switch from one company to the other. Retaining the client is the most crucial thing while managing a consultancy.

So, here is a glance at how you may ‘retain’ your customers as well as business with the help of 3 essential recommendations:

  • Sell outcomes, not hours:

Better the results, better the Overseas Consultancies. The primary mistake that every consultancy does it that they focus on spending more time with their clients to get the details that are not relevant in a short run and in return the outcomes are not even satisfactory. They should focus more on delivering the outcomes because that is how a company gets recognized. The main focus should be on providing the best results. Ultimately, clients will be retained by the performance of your consultancy.

  • Sell credibility before scope:

People always judge a book by its cover. If you want reliability and support from the clients you should be ready to sell yourself and the project. The first impression that you set in front of your customer is the time when they decide whether you are credible to get the work done. If the customers see you as irrelevant, they are likely to replace you. You should not waste time on impressing the clients only but should focus to keep them interested in your business. One of the main focal point to retain your customers is to make them believe that you are the best at what you serve.

  1. You can do so by keeping your points strong and having the ability to convince them by having an answer to all the issues they have.
  2. You should be prepared to answer their queries and have transparency in your system.
  3. Do not leave a list of reference and phone numbers weak.
  4. People get attracted if there are high rating and positive feedback.
  5. Having a strong record of reference will help you maintain the credibility.
  • Sell continuity, not just change:

The more continuous you are, the more close you are to your success. If you change the process of your Overseas Consultancies from time to time, you will require more energy and reinforcement. Your consulting proposal needs to reflect a commitment. It should mainly focus to sustain improvement. You should be determined on achieving a higher level of performance. If you have clarity in your program the chances to meet the result increases. Be consistent in what you do.

Therefore being an Overseas Consultancies you are selling the promise of a better future. So, the more you connect with your customers, the more you market your services. Customers trade money for the hope because you can inspire trust in them. Maintaining a personal relationship and commitment throughout the process helps the customer to trust you.

Now that you know how you can generate leads and retain your customers it’s time for you to ‘improve’ and expand your consultancy and you can do that by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Have a process :

The foundation of a business is transparency. If the relation between the client and the consultancy is not secretive, then the business prospers. Hiding things always end up creating conflicts. Explain to the client how you do what you do. Giving an overview is not enough the client must know the detail of the process. They are the ones who are investing, and by explaining to them, you are making them comfortable as they know where the money is spent. When you describe your process keep in mind few tips:

  1. Be on point, don’t beat around the bushes. Keep your process system as simple as possible, so the clients don’t lose interest.
  2. The process needs to be clear and detailed. It should help the client understand all the relevant details.


  • Manage client expectations:

Conflicts usually happen when there are two different sets of minds. And when you are working with a client, there might be times when you don’t agree with what they say. You have a different set of principles you believe, and the client has different. Overseas Consultancies often deals with the issues where the clients do not respond to the emails or calls on time. When there is no proper follow back by the client, they end up losing the valuable time for the process to begin. Specific ground rules can be laid before joining hands with the clients which will ensure the smooth and peaceful running of the consultancy.

Some of the rules are :

  • Gather all the information and consult with an individual only:

  • Several times there are multiple potential clients which approach the consultancy, and you gather the information. During the time of follow up, the issues arise and there can be mixed up with the information. Overseas Consultancies and the clients should keep one person who will be the voice of the group and responsible for the working.
  • Provide feedback within two days:

  • People will approach you only when you have a high scale of rating and numerous feedback. A specific time frame should be set to gather the information about your clients. Feedback should be taken positively and help you succeed by improving the credibility of your website. Overseas Consultancies have a deadline which they need to catch up and usually, the clients don’t follow up on time. This will further lead to loss of a client as well as the reputation declines.
  • Give proper feedback:

  • It is not wrong to ask for systematic feedback from the clients. Usually, clients do not give feedback until an abroad study consultancy asks for it. It is mandatory for you to ask for the necessary feedback if the clients are stringent enough to answer.


  • Update your website:

Your website should reflect your best work. Being an Overseas Consultancies people need to know about the services you provide. Clients approach you only when they know that they will be satisfied with your work. Your website should be a new business generator for you. Just creating a website is not enough you must update it timely. Your clients must find all the answers that they are searching. You have to make them value your service. Your website must sell itself on its own. It should be able to pull new clients and retain the old ones.

  • Qualify each new client:

Each client you meet might not be reliable to work with you. You should qualify the client and make sure they are fit to work with. If you don’t, then you probably will waste a lot of time on the unreliable source. Qualifying each client may be a lengthy process but quoting the terms and telling them the cost upfront solves the issue. To save your time and invest it into something more reliable you must qualify your client and be confident in what you do. Sorting out the list won’t hamper your business but will help you focus on the ones who are worth investing your time in.

  • Write real proposals:

Clients with small projects will lose interest if there is a lengthy proposal that they have to go through. If the project is massive, you should give a detailed plan to maintain transparency about Overseas Consultancies. Proposals usually reflect that you are ready to solve the problems and will help you win more significant projects.

According to wikipedia,Some educational consultants are specialist, which specializes in assisting particular kinds of students or particular student needs”.

Overseas Consultancies will achieve its boom phase by:

  • Your consultancy will reach its heights when there is a balance between the clients and the agents. The clients should be happy with what you serve them. Overseas Consultancies must differentiate itself from the others to reduce competition. You maintain various data, it is not easy to run an Overseas Consultancies. Managing clients improve the consultancy.
  • The consultancy is liable to keep a balance with the upcoming trends and update the client with the necessary changes. Still, there are various other ways by which Overseas Consultancies can take a huge step. Some well-known individuals can set back an example for the others.
  • The most significant break is to have a “big-name client.” Approaching large clients are within reach of everyone. A significant name will pave a way on its own towards the success of your consultancy. But, success does not only rely on one particular aspect.
  • At the end of the day, it’s the treatment that the clients remember and if you fail to satisfy them the Overseas Consultancies will not achieve its boom stage. Moreover, you are the face of your Overseas Consultancies.

Overseas Consultancies can help a student shape a better future by providing guidance.

Having a positive attitude towards clients is a way to be on the top of your business.

Being an Overseas Consultancies your primary focus should be on how you can create a difference in your client’s life.

Hence, you should be keen to achieve the positive result. Either you can retain your clients by providing them the right amount of nourishment they require or show them an exit door by not serving them adequately.

You should be determined to deal with all the clients as everyone is not alike. It is you who has to be the voice of your Overseas Consultancies so the earlier you get serious about your business, the better.

In a business things get rough, but a person becomes successful only when he doesn’t let the negativity stop him. So, you must have the potential to deal with all the issues that arise with clients.

Now that you know how a business works you can take some time and think about all the possible ways that can help you build a good network with the clients.

Moreover, running an Overseas Consultancies is no cake bite. Improvising your system and being a support for the clients is undoubtedly a tough journey but not an impossible one.

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