Role of Referrals for Education & Migration Agency Business

Many educational institutions around the world work with education agents to enrol international students. And in any business, client Referrals are very important to our education and migration business as well. As it is a well-known fact that companies with a referral program close deals faster than those without.

Referrals through existing clients

Create a well-defined referral system on your website so that your existing customers can refer your service to their friends. Such a referral system can be marketed by partnering up with Universities and colleges. Make sure to create a substantial incentive for anyone to get more referrals.

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Referrals through Sub-Agents

Sub-Agents are the ones who refer and send applications to you for Partners they do not have a direct connection with. Partner here represents the university or educational institution where you enroll your students. In other words, the sub-agents are the education agents who refer their clients to you because they do not hold a relationship with an education provider.

Referrals through Super-Agents

Super-Agents are the ones to whom you send an application if you don’t hold a direct representative agreement with the Partner. In some situations, you might need to refer your students to partners with whom you don’t have a direct connection. Typically these might be bigger education agencies with a large network. In other words, super-agents help to reach out and send applications to the partners with no direct agreement.

Referrals to another education and migration agency

As an education and migration agency, to get your business growing you need to build your agent network. The migration consultancy industry is so vast and complex that most agencies can only specialize in certain kinds of services. Professional networking events are a great way to get to know different agencies and start building a relationship with them.

If potential clients contact your agency but you do not have the services they are looking for, you can refer them to another agency you trust in your network. In this scenario, you would be the sub-agent and the agency you refer to would be the super-agent.

Building and maintaining your agent network can also help your business grow. It means your client will not go directly to your competition. You will still get a commission if you are either a sub-agent or a super-agent.

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