Strong Business Partnerships In a COVID-19 World

The coronavirus pandemic swept across the world bringing businesses and the economy to a standstill. In order to adapt during a global crisis, overseas education and migration agents need to create strong business partnerships. These can be with the students, universities, and other migration agencies. A better relationship with your business partners can help your agency face challenging times and come out of them in a stronger manner. So, let’s look at some of the ways of doing that:

Structuring a definite path for partner relationship

It is important to align your goals with what your partners expect from you. For instance, if your goal for this year is to increase student enrollments, define your milestones and timelines. Have clear communication with your partners. Otherwise, even an unexpected bill can ignite bitterness in the relationship. Carefully consider your partner’s feedback and be responsive.

Scope & Benefits of the relationship

No matter if your education agency business is small or large, having a good partnership management practice can help you resolve your problems and understand each other’s values. Additionally, you can strengthen your agency brand and leverage a good reputation through your partners. You can increase your productivity and make accurate business forecasts. It can be on the basis of regular reports and data received from the partners.

COVID-19 Accelerating the Need for Partnerships 

A dramatic shift is taking place in the global economy. Thus, this has necessitated the education and migration agents around the world to strategise and adapt according to the changing demands of the market. Collaboration among the partners has become a fundamental need for all agencies. This will help them to work on the same goal and achieve collaborative benefits to survive during the pandemic. 

Constant Communication

Face-to-face communication has been replaced by telephonic or virtual communication. Alternative ways such as messaging apps have contributed to making oneself easily accessible or more responsive in case of any problems or issues.

Sharing & Transparency

Sharing information and data among the partners in a transparent way helps to create trust between agencies and its business partners. So, it strengthens the partnerships and is mutually beneficial as well in comparison to avoiding the conversation or withholding information.

Working Together for ‘Win-Win’ Outcomes

Agencies and partners are collaborating where the need is the greatest. Undoubtedly, cooperation with business partners improves the business in multiple ways because of the common interest and the shared goal.

Focus on Problem Solving and Compromise

The crisis has accelerated the need to focus on problem-solving and be ready to resolve issues. Thus, it is necessary to compromise and make decisions towards creative solutions. 


Nobody knows for sure how our global economy will evolve. Therefore, in such a situation, overseas education and migration agents need to consider collaboration and have a strong business partnership management practice to stay ahead and stand strong in the market.

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