Student Consultancy Services: A Definitive Guidance Process

Just like a butterfly that breaks out of its cocoon and spreads its wings across the sky, students too have a desire to explore; they want to take a flight out of home and study in foreign lands. What you can do while providing student consultancy services, is bridge their hopes and dreams closer to reality.

Often times, students are demotivated to act even though they are interested. They may perceive processes as hurdles. Through effective student consultancy services, you can take down their hurdles and help them easily walk through the application process.

Here are some topics that you can cover in the student consultancy services to clear the student’s sea of thought-

  1.   Financing: Anyone who is going abroad will seek to reap the best value out of their finances. A good student consultancy services are where you are transparent about the budgeting. By helping the students find the right course at the university and for the right price, you will bring their dreams one step closer to reality. In the student consultancy services, you have to communicate who are involved- the consultancy, the university, and financial aid office during the student consult.
  2.   Academics: It is crucial for you to inform in the student consult what the course entails, how the evaluation takes place, the duration of the course and career development prospects. Include that in your student consultancy services, and it will pave the way for students to follow.
  3.   Society: Everyone is afraid when moving into a new society. It is wise to inform during the student consult how the culture there is going to be, what to expect and so on. Find someone who can share their abroad study experience with the student consult.
  4.   Value: The value that students derive from abroad study is exceptional. It will help them adopt diverse cultures, open gateways to a wide variety of career prospects. During the student consult, you have to make sure that this message echoes in the minds of the students.

During the student consult, it is inevitable that the students will barrage you with a tsunami of questions- and it is justified, their decision will shape the entire future. Assert to every one of them in your student consult so that they will not leave your office still confused. You can use an education and migration agents CRM software to keep track of the student’s progress. Below are some frequently asked questions in the student consult and their answers-


  1. How does studying abroad differ from studying in your own country?
  1. Ans: The first difference you will notice is the quality of education. The way of teaching differs entirely across nations. Secondly, it will help you adapt to a multitude of cultures. Cross-cultural diversity can help you grow. Lastly, it will help you shape your career path. Countless chances are lying out there.

2. What are the prerequisites for studying abroad?

Ans: Broadly speaking, the requirements for studying across different countries are unique. While some criteria may be similar, some are varied. Thus, it is essential to examine what your university demands. The common requirements that you should discuss in the student consult are-

  •   Academic qualifications with prescribed grades
  •   IELTS/TOEFL for students speaking English as a second language
  •   Resume/ CV
  •   Letter of recommendation
  •   Photo
  •   GRE/GMAT for graduate programs

3. How do I get financial aid?

Ans: To get financial aid, the first place you should look at is the university itself. You can get a lot of information about it on the University website itself, or you can reach out directly to the university itself. Though, you have to keep in mind that there is harsh competition for scholarship programs.

Keeping track of the progress of countless students can be stressful. There are times when you can never find the data you require, how much you search for it. Thus, you can use an education and migration agent CRM tool for that purpose.

In this way, you can break barriers for students aspiring to study abroad and place their goals in the grasp of their hands. Not everyone is proactive, there are students out there who need your guidance so you as a student consultancy services provider have this chance to help them.

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