The Need for Email Campaigns For Your Agency

Emails have always been a crucial part of any company for business communication and marketing. Marketers in today’s competitive world need to achieve more things in less time. Hence, emails are used as a marketing tool to connect with clients or prospects in a highly personalized way. 

What is Email Marketing?

Before diving into the definition, first, open up your email inbox. See how many emails are sent by businesses for promotional purposes. Surely, you can delete those emails, archive them, or read them. But you can never deny them. No matter what, emails drag your action. 

Thus, email marketing is one of the most effective ways of connecting with clients and if done correctly, can be affordable and can generate a better conversion as well. Through email marketing, you can send messages to your clients or prospects all at once. For nurturing your leads or sharing promotional offers with them, you can use this tool to convert your leads and generate sales. 

How can Email Marketing help you boost your agency business?

Email marketing is not only for marketers. In your education and migration business too, it is equally effective and the process is no different. There are leads, there should be lead nurturing; when there are prospects, there should be promotional offers; there are clients, there should be loyalty campaigns. As an agent, you can connect with those leads, prospects, or clients via email marketing. 

Contents to send in an email campaign

Now that you know the significance of an email marketing campaign, you might wonder what would I send to my clients. Worry not, we are here for the rescue. 

1. Welcome emails

The first thing you can send is a welcome email. Whether they signed up through your website, your social media platform, or through offline marketing campaigns, it’s always a good idea to welcome them. To make things easier you can create its template beforehand. Agentcis will help you create templates and automate emails to your clients. You can automatically send emails to your clients who fill out your lead forms.

To know more about setting up an email template click here

2. Guides and tips

Being in the consulting business, your clients and prospects are continuously looking for better guidance and support. Here, you can help them by creating such emails which would redirect them to the answers they are looking for. For example, 5 things to know about studying in Australia, Tips for finding better scholarship opportunities, the list can go on and on. You just need to figure out what your clients are actually searching for, and you can create and send them via email.

3. Promotional emails

Whenever you create promotional offers and campaigns, promoting them only via social media or offline won’t suffice. You can directly send those promotional messages via email. Create an enticing email title and reach your clients directly.

4. News and updates

Being the industry expert, you have the recent updates and news regarding the international education industry, the country’s changing policies, new updates, and such. You can send that news and updates via email.

Ways to automate the email campaign

Agentcis is one of the best CRM systems specially created for education and migration businesses. So, with Agentcis CRM, you can effectively make use of email marketing, and here’s how.

Send automated reminders 

You can automate sending reminder emails to clients to notify them of lead form submissions, client payment installment dates, visa expiry, and much more. Agentcis CRM lets you set triggers based on the actions so that you can set the date and time and the system will automatically send reminder emails to clients on that specific date. 

Automated greetings and wishes

You can send a warm gesture of a birthday wish or a festive greeting to your client automatically through the system. Agentcis CRM has an automation feature for sending emails on birthdays/ specific occasions once you set the date in the system. 

Send in bulk

Save time with an option to send bulk emails from the Agentcis system to the clients. It can be used for sending group invoices for commission claims. It lets you send quick notifications or alert mail in bulk to all your clients and inform them on time. However, on the client’s side, each and every client will receive an individual email.

Ways to schedule the email campaign

You can schedule an email campaign by following these easy steps.

  1. Once you have created an email design and template, you can see a “schedule” button.
  2. After you click the schedule button, use the date picker to set the delivery date.
  3. Click the Delivery time to choose a time of day.
  4. Review your settings and confirm.


If you’ve been ignoring email marketing for your marketing move, it’s time to rethink. Because if you can pull off a successful email campaign, you can generate the desired number of leads and conversions for your business. Try Agentcis to help you better acquire and manage your clients.

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