Top Factors for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a big decision for Indian students. These students take different factors into consideration while taking a sound decision. India is one of the leading nations in terms of sending its students abroad for higher education. Studying abroad is fascinating as it opens up doors for high-paying jobs and improves your social life. Enrolling in international studies is a popular and well-accepted journey for many Indian students that has increased with time. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why Indians seek to study abroad for their career.

Quality education and work opportunities

The Indian education system is theory-based rather than practical-based because of which students lack functional experience and which hampers them when they begin filling in as experts. If you study abroad, you will get an opportunity to interact and work with professionals closely, which will help in holistic development.

It is also true that if you return to India after graduating from a foreign university, your chances of getting a better job comfortably will drastically increase. Equity education will nurture your skills and will provide more opportunities that may not be available in India.

Lifestyle and global mindset

The teaching model adopted by a foreign university is completely different. It compels you to think differently and increase your horizon of knowledge. Moreover, you will learn about different cultures, and develop a sense of cultural sensitivity.

The development of a global mindset is paramount when you are working in multinational companies. Global mindset simply means when you have the ability to interact and connect with people of other countries emotionally and intellectually. In India, it is not possible to develop this mindset as you don’t get much opportunity to meet people globally. Studying abroad will definitely give you the upper hand.

Better health benefits

It goes without saying that the global pandemic plays a critical role in dictating important life choices. Right now, everyone’s first priority is to ensure their safety and well-being. There is a strong appeal to study internationally because of the availability of Covid-19 vaccines and medical assistance in developed countries.

Students who are in the process of enrolling in a new school programme are looking at new factors like how countries are responding and managing the pandemic. How a specific country leads vaccine rollouts directly affects students’ attraction to them as study destinations.

A recent 2021 survey from QS International Student confirmed 65 percent of students see Canada as a more attractive destination as a result of how it has handled the vaccine rollout, ranking first among top destination markets.

This is an especially important factor to consider if the student is interested in pursuing permanent residency after their studies and starting a new life in the country.

Easy Admission Procedure

The admission process abroad is different as compared to India. In India, you are supposed to give lots of entrance exams to get admission in top colleges. Even the chances of securing a seat are very less due to intense competition.

Getting admission to top-ranked foreign universities is much easier. It will pave the way to start a new exciting journey full of surprises. You have to first select your college and apply for admission there. You can then apply for a visa and follow the procedure as per your college directions.

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