Training Courses For Education Agents on Agentcis

If you are in the education and migration business, you must have been working with customer relationship management (CRM) software. Agentcis is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage and operate your education and migration agencies. It helps to track all the contact details of the clients and partners. All data is secure and kept confidential. Additionally, it is advantageous to deliver high-quality reports with real-time data right away and export them as CSV files for additional data analysis.

The ability to optimize business processes and produce favorable results for its clients and partners is one of the major strengths of Agentcis. So, from collecting the client’s data to maintaining relationships with partners, Agentcis helps make it all automatic, saving the agency time and effort.

Education Agents Training Course

Education and training courses provided by Agentcis

Aside, from customer service management, Agentcis also provides a training course for education agents. The training sessions by Agentcis aim to give education and migration agencies the technical knowledge and resources they need to start using them right away in their fields.

Agentcis Academy priorities for developing, establishing, and promoting learning. It provides three major education agent training courses. Moreover, all of the courses are unique in their own right and provide detailed knowledge on the steps to raising the company’s profile via its training facility.

Agentcis Accounts Certification

The accounts certification course provides the trainee with hands-on training in all of the skills and knowledge required to start an education and immigration business. Thus, this training course will assist owners and managers of Education and Migration Agency businesses with:

  • Account setup
  • Invoice generation
  • Payment management on Agentcis

This helps to solve all the hurdles that arise during account setup at the company. The automatic characteristics of agents make the company run systematically.

Course in Administration Certification

The education agents training course for administrators will assist owners and managers of Education & Migration Agency businesses in setting up the Agentcis system. Moreover, it helps to adopt different automation processes inside the system.

Agentcis is facilitating the work of education and migration agencies by implementing automatic features. So, these features will help build connections with partners, clients, and the team.

The counselor certification course

Counseling is a characteristic feature necessary for education agencies. A counselor certification course helps to enhance the goodwill of the agency along with the customer flow. Also, it makes sure to increase the growth of the company.

From this training, education counselors employed by migration and education organizations will gain technical expertise and knowledge of the Agentcis System. Also, it is created in a way that allows for immediate implementation in businesses that use Agentcis.


Agentcis software focuses on providing better customer relationship management while also supporting company activities. For education and migration agencies, the training courses given by agents will definitely help to upgrade the organizations in every possible way. Hence, all the courses are created with the intention of implementation.

To use the Agentcis software in a better way for the company’s benefit, these training courses are very important. Check out Education Agent training courses today. 

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