UK Government Reopens its Priority Visa Services

The UK government resumes its priority visa services after halting them in March this year. This reopening will now allow new international students and workers to apply it. Through priority visa service interested applicants can put their application at the front of the queue. Applying for a priority visa service will keep the application at front of the queue at every stage of the decision-making process.

Priority Visa Services

Priority visa services officially started taking applications on the 12th of this year. To apply for this service interested candidates have to pay an extra charge starting from £500. Paying this amount will provide visa decisions within the next five working days. There is also an option of “Super Priority Service”. For this service, the applicants have to pay a fee of £800. Super priority service will ensure visa decisions by the end of the next working day.

Many education agents around the work are excited about this announcement. It is because of the timings of the news. The new academic year in the UK begins each September. And during this time the UK faces the arrival of thousands of international students from all over the world. Many consultants are happy as the government is also advising students to apply for their visas as soon as possible.

UK Visas and Immigration aims to make a decision on the Priority Visa application quicker. It will contact the applicants after the passport is ready. It will happen within 5 working days from when you submit your biometric information. However, the UK government doesn’t guarantee visa success. Because there are other factors affecting visa acceptance.

Applying for Priority Visa

In order to apply for the priority visa services, you need to visit the  VFS Global website. After that, you will be redirected to a page that contains the application details. The following is the summary of application details that might be relevant to our readers:

a. Apply for the visa through the  UK Visas and Immigration (GOV.UK) Website

b. After the application you have to pay the Priority Visa Fees. The visa Fees might differ according to the exchange rates. So check them before paying. The prices will be available on the VFS website.

c. The next step is choosing a Visa Application Centre and making an appointment. This will also appear on the website at the time of application.

d. After selecting the Centre and date of appointment you need to all your upload relevant  documents

e. Once your documents are approved visit the Visa Application Centre for the appointment

f. You can track the visa status through emails. You can also take an SMS update service with an additional service fee.


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