Why is Agentcis so much more than just CRM software?

Today is the age of digitization and technology. You cannot expect to find a document out of thousands of piles of files and miss any important deadline to submit. Especially, when you are in an education and migration business, you have to work and collaborate with a number of students, partnered institutions and universities, as well as agents or referrers. The agency business is quite complex and managing all the stakeholders in one single platform is a tough task. 

CRM software can be a powerful tool that can help you manage operations and boost productivity. It brings together client’s data, partners, and agency in a single tool. But in the case of most of the CRM systems, the root problems frequently lie in not being able to streamline all the agency operations in one place. Also, many do not support sufficient data backups which can result in loss of data. The agency business is so dynamic that most of them do not support the dynamic needs and adapt to the changing demand. The predictable result is that you can lose your clients or commission for any data loss or unfavourable customer experience. 

Agentcis, so much more than just CRM software

Finding the right CRM software that can address all these problems is a challenge. So, a simple yet powerful system was born. Agentcis is a next-generation client information management system that leaves ordinary CRM platforms miles behind. It is created specifically for Education & Migration Agencies to help you acquire, manage, and grow your agency business. The application integrates all functions of Agency business, such as Counselling, Marketing, Accounts, Client Support, so intelligently that you don’t have to look beyond Agentcis while searching for software to automate your Agency operations.

Here are some of the unique features of Agentcis which proves that Agentcis is so much more than just a CRM software.

Unique features of Agentcis

1. Invoicing system

Once a student gets enrolled in the respective university, they are liable to pay college fees every semester. If you fail to claim agency commission timely can result in losing its profitability. Every agency spends a lot of time and effort preparing invoices. But with an intelligent CRM like Agentcis, this work becomes easy.

An inbuilt invoicing system is one of the most unique features of Agentcis which any of the other CRM systems or even accounting systems fail to provide. Through Agentcis’ CRM, you can connect a client profile to their respective invoices and email them the invoice from the system. Also, you can keep a proper record of payables and receivables with the referrer while sharing income. In addition, it also lets you track information about discounts given to the client. So, you can prepare an invoice for any other general service automatically. 

2. Partner Management

Agency business has to work collaboratively with partnered institutions and universities for expanding its business network. Increasing profitability is not just about a good business, but it is also about how you maintain a balanced relationship with your partners. In such a case, Agentcis come to your rescue. A client’s application includes all the details about the clients and the service they’re using. You can also record various types of products, education, insurance, accommodations, visa details. These applications can be linked with the partner and their related products. So, you can track the applications to check their work status and also retrieve the documents anytime.

3. Agent Management 

Sub-agents or super-agents are the biggest sources of income for education as well as a migration agency. They reach out to clients who are interested in your services. So, that’s half of the marketing work done. With the help of Agentcis, an agency can also share its income and financial details with these outside agents. This can be done with just a click where your invoices will be created by the system. Plus, you can send them directly from the system through the inbuilt e-mail system.

4. Office check-in 

Agentcis is just another Human Resource Management system as well. Tracking your team members’ performance becomes necessary when you evaluate your business functioning. The team can check-in through the inbuilt system in Agentcis. It has timestamps to record visits and track how much time the counsellor is spending with customers. It becomes easier for you to judge a counsellor’s performance based on time. Moreover, Agentcis automate other day-to-day tasks, speeding up your time-consuming but necessary work.

To sum up 

Agentcis is an all-in-all one CRM intelligent software where you can rely on for almost everything you want for your agency operation. Get started with our 14-days free trial and know by yourself.

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