Why is Australia a popular study destination?

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Australia has become a very popular study destination. With world-class universities and highly admired living standards, Australia always falls among the top 10 study destination in the world. A study conducted in 2018 revealed that there are over 800,000 international students in Australia. So they are valued at over 3 billion dollars.

Today we have listed the major reasons for Australia to become a leading international education destination.

1. Best universities

According to the Times Higher Education University Rankings 2020, Australia boasts 6 universities in the top 100. That’s pretty amazing. It is because the universities are much younger than others on the list. All together Australia has 43 universities. Universities here specialize in diverse sectors of academics. Due to this reason international students have a lot to choose from. There are about 22,000 unique courses that Australia has to offer

2. Living Standard in Australia

The living standard in Australia is higher than that of other countries like the UK and USA. All thanks to Australia’s efficient transport system and good infrastructure. Comparing Australia and the UK the average salary is 28% higher in Australia. Commuting to work is also 30% cheaper in Australia.

3. Working in Australia

While studying in Australia, international students can work up to 20 hours a week. This is an excellent option for students to support their living expenses. Besides this, this also provides the students to work in their field of experience.

4. The student atmosphere

A survey has shown that more than 80% of onshore students aim to complete their studies in Australia. This means that most of the students are very satisfied with Australian Universities. Along with this, most international students gave a 90% satisfaction score for the study atmosphere in Australia.

5. Government Support

As mentioned earlier there are numerous scholarships and student support programs in Australia. The government recognizes over 3000 Australia Awards Scholarships. Also, this study scholarship is available for international students from 55 nations across the world. In 2017 the government released AUD 53 million to support struggling international students.

6. Alumni and Network

The Alumni Network of Australian university graduates is pretty large. There are over 2.5 million university graduates and most of them are making a global difference. Because of this Australia has produced over 16 Nobel prize winners.

7. Diversity

Moreover, numerous other factors make Australia a popular study destination. Lastly and most importantly, the cultural diversity also makes it a popular destination. Due to this many people find living and studying in Australia much better as they get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds.

To sum up the land of Australia’s student atmosphere, working environment and education quality makes it the best.


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