Why You Should Invest in a CRM Software During Lockdown

As COVID cases continue to rise in Australia, the education and migration businesses that rely on international students continue to struggle with no end in sight. Disrupting the significant economy of the international education sector, these businesses are resorting to working remotely once again. While these times are challenging, turning to technology can help you run remote business operations in a planned and smooth approach.

A sound relationship and communication among clients, universities, and agents become much more important during the period of downtime. Here, a CRM software like Agentcis can automate, manage and monitor operations while balancing the client relationships in an effective way. It may seem difficult to quantify return initially after investing in CRM software during the lockdown. However, implementing a CRM like Agentcis can definitely bring you improved operation and better conversion in the long run.

Here we have enlisted a few reasons why you should invest in CRM software during the lockdown.

Why you should invest in a CRM software during lockdown

Prepare yourself post-lockdown

You can have hundreds of clients and their data piled up. Organizing your clients’ data is often a time-consuming process. CRM software has the power to manage all the data of your clients in one place. It brings together client’s data, partners, and agencies in a single tool.

By taking this time during lockdown to organise and import your businesses’ client data into Agentcis, you will be organised when your education and migration agency starts to get busier post-lockdown. This is the perfect time to set up custom workflows to suit your operations, ensuring you can keep track of each client’s application progress without needing to do anything.

Moreover, you can take various actions in the application stages to manage and make your work more efficient. CRM software allows applications to be more predictable. So when the borders open, you know where your prospects and clients are and you can always be prepared for the next action. You can be aware of the important dates. By investing in a CRM right now, you set yourself up for the post-lockdown and acquire more clients in the future.

Know what your team is working on remotely

One of the biggest issues every business faces is bringing the team together. One of the major challenges during lockdown is knowing what your employees are working on.

This is why you need to need to invest in a CRM like Agentcis. A CRM software is what binds the entire company together, especially during lockdown. For example, you can manage control with predefined roles to match your team member’s responsibilities and duties. Team collaboration is made simple with the ability to add followers to applications so multiple team members can work on the same client for different purposes. 

You can increase your team’s efficiency by establishing a KPI target for your Counsellors. This will help you judge their performance while working from home in lockdown. Additionally, as the owner of the AgenticsApp account, you have access to an audit log. This audit log shows the date and time your staff has logged and logged out on.

Import Partners and Products

Your business may be returning but the lockdown period is more like a period of pause in your migration and education business. You can utilize this time to auto-sync your and your partners where we maintain a database with over 150,000 products. So when you are back in the business post lockdown, you can easily add the product to the client’s application.

Streamline your business

Now is the perfect time in lockdown to explore the capabilities of a CRM, ultimately saving you time by streamlining your operations. A big advantage of adopting a CRM system is automation. The implementation of automation improves efficiency, reliability and speed that is typically performed by a team member. This helps with reducing the risk of error. With a CRM system such as Agentcis, you can improve relationships with clients by automating email communication such as birthday wishes, visa expiring reminders and application updates and many more.

You can also use this time in lockdown to set up email & SMS templates in Agentcis CRM. Being an Education Agent, you have to send many messages throughout the day to send to clients. With Email and SMS templates, you can create and save custom and personalised messages, such as appointment reminders and application updates, to save time.


To sum up, with these unique solutions provided by CRM software, it becomes easy for your education and migration business to plan, implement, and optimize the operation to achieve optimal results even during the time of crisis.
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