Why You Should Switch From Spreadsheets to Agentcis CRM?

Why should you switch from excel spreadsheets to Agentcis CRM?

Spreadsheets are typically the go-to data storing application. When starting a business, many people manage their information, workflow and finances through spreadsheets. 

Being in an education and migration business is all about clients’ contacts, university lists, quotations, applications and so forth. Initially, using a spreadsheet may work great. However, spreadsheets are not designed to manage every data in one go. You will soon find yourself creating every new sheet for keeping clients’ contact and data, another one for clients’ application process, another for university offers, another for quotation and commissions. Finally, you will need to create another sheet for summarising all the data. Gradually, this process turns out to be quite frustrating and difficult to manage. 

If you’re looking for more efficient processes and accurate reporting, you should consider making the switch to a CRM like Agentcis. 

Why you should switch from excel spreadsheets to Agentcis CRM ?

1. Effortlessly search and retrieve the client information and documents

Agentcis keeps all of your information in one centralized location. You don’t need to check with your colleagues for the most updated spreadsheet. Moreover, you’ll save your time from juggling multiple spreadsheets. For instance, if you need to search in which application stage your particular client is, your data will be readily available. All you need to do is to put a glance at the Agentcis CRM system. Additionally, all the client-related documents are also arranged in the particular client’s file so that you won’t have to search them separately. 

2. To receive real-time updates on client applications and team actions as it happens.

Be updated about the real-time status of your client application stage and never miss any step with an application stage-wise viewing of activities taken so far. Moreover, you can use automation is stay in constant communication with your client. For example, with Agentcis Automation, your client can receive an email notification once an application stage changes to keep them updated in the application process.

To make the application process easy, clients can also upload documents through the client portal, making it easy to access in Agentcis System.

3. Lack of team collaboration in spreadsheets

​​Contrary to popular belief, a CRM system is much more than just a database that stores contact information. When working with Agentcis CRM, you’re able to see which clients are at which stage or how many offers and applications are associated with a particular university or agent. Meaning, your team members can easily know what’s going on with the process. Additionally, you’re able to link a task with a specific contact. All the information for a particular client in one place is just extremely comfortable. This boosts transparency accessibility within your team and also contributes to your team’s efficiency.

 4. Save time and resources by automating various manual process and reminders

In most cases, the manual process consumes a lot of work and has a high chance of being missed. Taking an example, submitting a visa application before the final deadline. With Agentcis CRM, you can get reminders for visa expiry dates. Also, if you have to submit your commission invoice on time, it also reminds you of the required date. Other than these, you can schedule your payment from the system itself. This can save a lot of your time and resources.

Final Thoughts

Relying on a spreadsheet as a CRM tool obviously has its issues. Despite that, companies are resistant to moving to a CRM platform, as they see it as a costly expense. However, if leveraged correctly, it can actually boost revenue.

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