Assuring Quality Services in your Education Agency

Pursuing international education is a big decision for every student and his/her family. Hence, choosing the right education agency becomes important for every aspiring client and student. There are many ways for you to become that right agent and assuring your quality services is one of them.

Being inside the service-based industry, education agencies can look forward to many ways of being the first choice. Building better trust, having certified accreditation, better marketing strategy, and others can also support in assuring the highest standard of services in your agency. So here are some tips you can follow which can assure quality services in your education agency.


Agency Specific Accreditation

Building trust is an important part of becoming the best education agency. Having a well-known accreditation can help in building a higher amount of trust. When it comes to accreditation many companies opt for getting certification on their management system. ISO  is an example of a well-known standardization certificate. This can be done but, there are better ways.

Education agents can become more specific in this case. ICEF or International Consultants for Education and Fairs provides specific accreditation for education agents around the world. Having accreditation from such an organization can set a benchmark for your agency to operate under professional standards.

Counseling to assure quality services

Setting a Standard Operating Procedure

As an agent, you must have to go through numerous business processes every day. Without any set standards for conducting any activities, your organization might not be able to provide the best services. Company managers and directors have the duty of forming such standards. When such processes are created employees can perform their best too. Talking about maintaining operating processes, Agentcis can help you manage and create them. Agentcis comes with a workflow management feature. This feature will let you set the workflow for activities like visa processing so it’s easier to conduct business activities.

Have Certified Counselors

Your counselors should also be certified in order to provide counseling services to international students. ICEF also provides continuing professional development training courses for agents and student counselors. Having certified counselors will not only build trust in your agency it will also increase reliability. Students and prospective clients can fully rely on them for the best services. Certified Counselors are a great way to assure quality services in your education agency. 

Agentcis also provides a dedicated counselors certificate course. To learn more you can read this blog.


Setting up a strong Marketing and PR policy

Sometimes despite having all the things for giving the best services to your clients, you might not receive them in the desired number. For this, you have to have a way to connect to your target customer. So you have to have a marketing plan so that you can channel your company’s value to the target customers. Marketing has been easier these days. We suggest at least having a proper Facebook page and a Linkedin page. Even if you don’t have the funds for owning a website these two social media platforms can help a lot. Besides the marketing plan, also you have to build better public relations. You can become a member of a local or international education association.  Larger connections, support systems, and recognition are some of the positive aspects of better public relations with organizations.

Digital Marketing For Education Agency

So here were some of the important ways your agency could follow while assuring quality services. You don’t always have to follow what everyone does.  So before jumping into any of the steps to build better services, work on areas where you can be better than other competitors.

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