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Customer Relations is a much talked about the term at present. It is because customers are the critical source of revenue for all organizations. Besides this, customers are the ambassador of your company. It is because they can market your service to other potential customers as well. So, there is no doubt that they must be in focus at all costs. Having said that any investment you make in your organization must revolve around customers. Even the CRM system that you buy must bring something to enhance customer service.

So if you happen to buy any CRM system make sure that it can bring something to the table. Today we will explain how can Agentcis help to build better customer relationships with its features. Amongst all features, the Client Portal is the most prominent feature.

Customer Relations

Client Portal Feature in Agentcis

Client Portal is a feature that summarizes all the client activities inside one screen. Once the users get login access with Agentcis they can view the client portal in their system. This feature is visible once the users click on the individual client name that appears on the “Clients” tab on the main menu.

The name list of clients appears only when the leads are qualified as Clients. Leads are captured from sharable lead forms from the agentcis app. A client portal has their personal details like their name, number, and address. Alongside this, it also has a summary of all the activities they perform. Important activities include their “Interested Servies”, “Documents”, “Quotation” and the “Sales Forecast”.

To sum up, at a single glance users can see all the important activities of their clients.

Keeping Track of Client Activities

All users can view the activity status of Clients in Agentcis. The activity summary can be seen in the “Activity” option that appears on the top left of the Client Portal. It shows the recent activities of the client. For instance, if an application is created in the name of the client then it is shown in the “Activities” option. Besides these actions, other activities like added tags, contact updates, and client ratings will appear on this tab. Being on track with customer activities can help counselors to provide personalized counseling services and  a better customer relations.

Greeting customers and approaching them in a way that is natural and fits the individual situation

With Agentcis, each customer can be given special treatment. When it comes to greeting and approaching customers, Agentcis’ automated messages and SMS will do a wonderful job. Users can send automatic birthday messages to the clients using the automation feature. Also features like Client Portal will let the users understand more about the client so that customers can be given the best advice according to their interested services.

Showing customers that you understand what their needs are

Most companies try to offer a lot of things to the customer. In a way, it sounds very good, but in reality, it might not be true. It is because a lot of offers at once can be very confusing. To remove this confusion Agentcis can help you. First of all, Agentcis lets its user set their client’s interested services. This will help counselors to eliminate any confusion in terms of selecting the products. Also, the feature of “Quotation” will help the clients to select the product by comparing it with the other interesting services he/she has selected.

Final Thoughts

Building better Customer Service is an achievement on its own. So due to this reason every company must try to attain this. Agentcis can certainly help in creating wonderful customer service through its features so try agentcis today to make sure that you always have customers at your side.

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